The Tea Ceremony

Updated: 30 Aug 2015)

All over Morocco, from the sophisticated town house to the simple
nomad's tent, green mint tea has been served to us. It is considered
ill-mannered to refuse it. The tea ceremony is always performed in
front of guests and according to immutable rules.

Here are the rules as reflected to the best as my memory and notes
(The pictures do not necessarily go with the description but are
intended convince you that the ceremony is really practiced all
over Morocco with careful attention paid to the rules.

You must have a suitable tea pot to boil the water. While the water is boiling
you select the tea. Two large coffee spoons of green tea is used. You can
buy green tea in pellets and that is preferable. The tea is placed in the silver
tea pot from which you will serve the tea.

About a cup of boiling water is then poured over the tea and you swirl it around
for about a minute - you are washing the leaves.

Pour out the water and throw it away. Be careful not to lose
the tea leaves from your pot. A good serving tea pot will have a
strainer built into the spout.

Pour another cup of boiling water into the tea pot and once
again swirl it around in the pot for about a minute. Again you
are washing the tea leaves.

Pour out the water and throw it away. Be careful that you
don't throw out the tea leaves.

Put about a quarter cup of sugar into your tea pot.
In Morocco sugar is sold in solid chucks so this is
a lot of guess work but their tea is sweet.

There is a reason Moroccans loose so many teeth. Each person
consumes approximately 8 pounds of sugar a year.

Now loosely stuff the tea pot with the fresh mint sprigs and
leaves that you bought this morning in the souk or market.
Or you can get them from your herbal garden on the deck. (An
American innovation.)

Now fill the tea pot with hot water.

Place the teapot on the hot coals and bring the water to
a boil. Using bellows to cause the coals to heat up is fine.

Tea is served in small, slender glasses often decorated with gold or
colored filigree pattern. After being left for a few minutes
to infuse, a little tea is poured into a glass and then returned
to the pot.

A second time a little tea is poured into
a glass and then returned to the pot.

The host finally tastes the tea, which will not be served
until it is deemed to be perfect.

But the final secret is that the tea must be airiated one last time.
Thus the further the tea falls from pot to glass the better the tea.

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