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Oauzazute was made famous as a French Foreign Legion outpost.
It was also the center of filming "Lawrance of Arabia"
But long before that it was a caravan stop for Blue Men traversing the Sahara.
We visit the beautiful Kasbah of Taurirte

"To see, but not be seen". Women could sit in the window
and view everything but preserve their modesty because they could not be seen
from the outside. Can you find the stork's nest?

Fran sits in the "favorite wife's window" overlooking the courtyard.

Around the exterior windows of the Kasbah
is the design of the Berber tribe which owns the kasbah. Can you see how
"the favorate wife" sitting in the window looking down at you is invisible?

The ornately decorated ceramic tile in the woman's
sitting room overlooking the courtyard. It was common for such windows to be placed
overlooking every public room in the house so the women, although
not present could see and hear all conversations.

View of the courtyard as seem by the "favorite wife".

The rooms are lovely with inlaid ceder ceilings and
ceramic tiles on the walls

Decorating the interior of the rooms with ceramic tile
tile or inlayed cedar are an Arabic innovation. The Berber walls were plain.

We leave Oauzazute and head for Marrakesh, the Emerald City.

A rain storm hundreds of miles away in the mountains
causes a calamity in the desert when a fully laden truck is unable to see
the side of a bridge. We halted here for an hour while the truck was unloaded
by hand and then pulled off the bridge.

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