Rabat, the Capital of Morocco

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City walls tell us we are approaching Rabat

Gate to King Mohammad VI's Palace

The King's Palace

Military Guard at the Palace
Our guide told us we could take close up pictures - but he didn't anticipate
how close I would try to get.

As I walked up to these guards to take their picture one of them
came out into the street and waved me off. I looked over
to our guide and he was aghast. I almost ended up in jail
Guards in four different uniforms guard the Palace gates
It is obvious the king is well taken care of.

Military Guard in dress uniform - See the movie "Patton"

The Chellah Necropolis is the location of the Roman town Sala Colonia found in 175 AD. Inside the walls are the
ruins of the mosque built by Abou Youssef the first Merinid celiph and he was buried here in 1286.
The necropolis was abandoned and largely destroyed by the Lisbon earthquake of 1755. The necropolis
is the location of a large number of marabouts (shrines) of holy men which are scattered about.

The walls around the Chellah Necropolis were raised by Abou e-Hassan in the 14th century.

Access to the Necropolis through the Almohad gate
Above the arch is a band of Kufic calligraphy with the name of the builder
and the year 1339.

At the gate we are greeted by a Gnaoua dancer.

A dance group rehearses for a film.

Stork nests on top of columns in the Acropolis

Stork nests on the columns in the Acropolis

The typical key arches in the ruins of a mosque.

Mineret is all that remains of Mosque in the Acropolis

Ruins of Roman city in Acropolis destroyed in Lisbon earthquake of 1755

Storks nest anywhere, even on the minaret

Fran is slinder as she poses behind the remains of ancient Roman statue

Stork nests bringing good luck to everyone

Mohammed V is the father of Moroccan independence. The Mausoleum was built by his son
Hassan II. After his death King Hassan II was buried here as well.

Horse guards at the gates to the Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Mausoleum of the Revered Mohammad V and Hassan II

Fran poses next to a Moroccan guard in dress uniform

The sarcophagus of Mohammed V.
The sarcophagus is carved from a single block of marble.

Guards in winter dress uniforms are everywhere

The Oudaia Kasba gets its name from the Oudaias, an Arab tribe that was settled here by Moulay Ismal to
protect the city from the threat of rebel tribes. The fortress is built on the top of a cliff and dates
dates from 1147. The Kasba was divided into three sections: the Jewish quarter, commercial quarter and royal quarter.

The Oudaia Kasba (fortress)overlooks boats on the
banks of Bou Regreg which runs into the Atlantic ocean

The Bab Oudaia 12th century gate leads into the Oudaia Kasbah

A group of men play some game which appears
to be a variation of checkers.

The home of a tailor in the Kasbah [How can you tell?]

Narrow streets, often with steps, wind between
buildings with whitewashed walls.

Streets hardly wide enough for a donkey

It is customary for OAT to have a welcome dinner. This one was a gala feast. We first walked through the
madina (old city) where we saw the open market. We were lead through the winding narrow streets of Rabat
to the restaurunt by a doorman carrying a lantern lit by a single candle. I couldn't find my way back.

Are you intersted in eggs? All the way from
chicken eggs to a large ostrich egg in the back.

This young girl drinks a bean soup bought
from a street vendor.

When we arrived at our restaurant, our hands
are first washed in warm rose water, a Moroccan custom.

We are provided with samples of the local
cousine, to include pigeon pie.

This had to be a seven course meal.

Tonight we were introduced to the mint tea
ceremony. The flavor of the tea is enhanced as it is poured from pot to glass.
The greater the distance the better the flavor.

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