Wild Kingdom - Disney World, Feb 2002

Map of Wild Kingdom

In February, 2002, prior to our cruise to the Panama Canal,
we took a Princess Cruise pre-trip to Disney Land.
Our first day was spent in the Wild Kingdom.

the Tree of Life
Upon entering the Wild Kingdom you are first greated by the tree of life.
The Tree of Life
Carved into the trunk of the tree are all sorts of animals and living creatures made to blend into the bark.

Fran stands next to the sign inviting us into the Tree for the 3D Bug show. This was a wonderful treat and really had us sitting up on our seats.

We first headed to the African Safari.

In this section of the park you get to take a safari through the wild nature preserve which features lions, elephants, rhinos, and other wild animals of the African savana.

Fran got to meet Tigger.

Signs help you find your way around if you don't have a map.

Like any small boy in Disney World, Bob was just Goofie.

Bob got to visit Mickey Mouse.

and Fran visited with Minnie.

The best attraction in the Wild Kingdom was the ride back in time to capture a dinosaour before they became extinct.

Our walk through Asia, mostly the wilds of India, was very picturesque.

Monkeys climb about the ruins of an ancient temple while Bob looked at a rickshaw.

As we walked through the jungle we came upon this ancient temple.

This tiger either ate or scared away the boy on the bicycle.

The entire area looked like crumbling ruins filled with wild beasts.

No visit to any of the Disney Kingdoms would be complete without watching the parade. Goofie showed off his jungle truck.

Even Donald Duck was there.

Pluto marched at the head of the safari.

We ended our first perfect day by having dinner in Morocco in Epcot.

The next day we went to The Magic Kingdom.

Jump Station

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Our first port of call Jamaca.

Our second port of call Costa Rica.

The highlight of our cruise was entering the Panama Canal.

Our fourth port was the ancient Spanish city of Cartagena, Columbia.

Our final port was Aruba.

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