Royal Princess visits Jamaca

The Royal Princes docked at Ocho Rios, Jamaca.

At each port we had a number of options of "land excursions". We all waited in the International Lounge for our group to be called. I passed the time talking to "my close personal friend" Dave Winfield, former Twins baseball player and member of the baseball hall of fame.

Fran and Mary disembark down the gangway.

The tour we took of Jamaca included a plantation. Here the leaves on the wild philodendrons grow as large as a meat platter.

We were provided with information on the different flowers which grow on the island and treated to fresh coconut milk and meat.

The Dunn river runs into the Caribbean. One of the attrations is to take a hike up the sandstond rapids which run 600 feet high from sea level.

A local farmer decorated his donkey with flowers and Fran had her picture taken.

We had our picture taken before we boarded the ship to sail to our next destination, Costa Rica.

Jump Station

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Our first port of call Jamaca.

Our second port of call Costa Rica.

The highlight of our cruise was entering the Panama Canal.

Our fourth port was the ancient Spanish city of Cartagena, Columbia.

Our final port was Aruba.

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