Royal Princess visits Costa Rica

Our excursion in Costa Rica included a trip down the river

to give us an opportunity to view the wild life. We were not disappointed.

We spoted this large lizard looking for food along the river bank. It is about 3 feet long, head to tail.

Howling monkeys in the tree tops could be heard a mile away.

My goal for this trip was to see a live alligator. I was not disappointed - here is a Cayman sunning on a floating log.

After our trip down the river we stopped for lunch and were greated by this band.

No one can complain that we were not well fed.

We drove through a banana plantation on our way to the rain forest. The rain forest is a large area set aside to preserve the wild life of Costa Rica. Visiters are able to view the area by taking a cable to the mountain top which is often covered with fog.

The cable car first took us through the lower level of the rain forest.

Once again my dreams were realized - I saw a Tucan fly into a tree next to the cable car.

Once we reached the top we road down at tree top level for a different view of the rain forest.

When we returned to the ship we were greeted by a local dance group.

Our next destination was the Panama Canal.

Jump Station

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Our first port of call Jamaca.

Our second port of call Costa Rica.

The highlight of our cruise was entering the Panama Canal.

Our fourth port was the ancient Spanish city of Cartagena, Columbia.

Our final port was Aruba.

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