Minneapolis West High School

Class of 1960

50 Year Reunion

Minneapolis, MN

August 13th, 14th & 15th, 2010

Elementary School Classes

Created by Bob Frazee

Many Elementary Schools Combined
to Make Up the Student Body at West

Douglas Elementary School

Back Row: Diane (Gilbertson) DeGidio & Bill Jackson
Front Row: Carol (Judd) Cline-Hedblom, Jeanne (Palmer) Baribeau,
Karen (Schellbach) Sollars, Mary (Johnson) Sickels

Emerson Elementary School

Rae (Hart) Anderson & Richard Ward

Whittier Elementary School

Back Row: Dennis Rankin & Darwin Stromberg
Front Row: James Stordahl, Darleen (Larson) Palmer, & John Field


Kenwood Elementary School

Back Row: Mark Anderson, Sue (Jensen) Reynolds, Marnie Jacobsen,                          Eileen (Dockman) Voreades
               & Gary Weir                                                                                                      & Sheri (Denesen) Redman
Front Row: Jane (Kottke) deVries, Sandy (Schumacher) Olson,
Maren Hinderlie, Gale (Struthers) Madsen) Eileen (Dockman) Voreades

Lyndale Elementary School

Back Row: Bob Fundingsland & Bob Ryder
Front Row: Darleen (Auger) Stensby & Mary Ann (Carson) Johnson

Bryn Mawr Elementary School

Back Row: Bob Dwyer, Jack Wartnick, Toni Annoni, Bob Sands, & Rick Passon
Front Row: Sue (Moody) Verrett, Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom, Dick Wiste,
Fran (Lenth) Frazee, & Jane (Probelski) Lund

Calhoun Elementary School

Back Row: Larry Bestler, Dan Hermann, Tony Austin, Dick Anfinson,
Carl Walsten, & Guy Aufderheide
Front Row: Sharon (Lindell) Mortrud, Barb Day, Holly (Morehouse) Vowels,
Joanne (Kennedy) Mason, Pat (Campion) Lemieux, & Diane (Gilbertson) DeGidio

Photographs by

Bob Frazee

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