Minneapolis West High School

Class of 1960

50 Year Reunion

Minneapolis, MN

August 13th, 14th & 15th, 2010

Lake Minnetonka Boat Ride

Created by Bob Frazee

Sunday Boat Ride on Lake Minnetonka
15 August 2010


2. Darleen (Larson) Palmer & Karen (Schellbach) Sollars

5. Holly (Morehouse) Vowels, Mary (Johnson) Sickels, & Karen (Schellbach) Sollars

6. Beverly Sands & Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom

7. Miao Ling Tjoa, Fran (Lenth) Frazee, Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom, Shari (Denesen) Redman, & Darleen (Larson) Palmer

8. Bob Sands, Mary (Johnson) Sickels, Karen (Schellbach) Sollars, Don Sollars, Mike Sickels

9. Dick Anfinson

10. Mary Ann (Carson) Johnson & Holly (Morehouse) Vowels

11. Bob Sands & Sandy (Turnbull) Bodner

12. Miao Ling Tjoa, Bill Jackson, Karen Jackson, & Bob Ryder

13. Jack Wartnick, Dan Hermann, & Jean Hermann

15. Dave Rand, Guy Aufderheide, Bob Fundingsland, Bill Jackson, & "Poody" Standal

16. Roly Visaya & Eileen (Dockman) Voreades

17. Barb Day, Bob Ryder

18. Elaine (Wright) Gerdts, Nancy (Carson) Hamilton (West High class of 1962), & Sue (Moody) Verrett

20. Bob Sands & Dick Anfinson

21. Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom, Sheri (Denesen) Redman, & Tony Austin

22. Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom, Sheri (Denesen) Redman, & Darleen (Larson) Palmer

23. Tony Austin, Rhaelah (Hart) Anderson, Nancy (Carson) Hamilton (West High class of 1962),
Dick Anfinson, Greg Hamilton, & Bud Gerdts.

24. Pat (Campion) Lemieux, Elaine (Wright) Gerdts, Barb Day, Tony Austin,
& Rhaelah (Hart) Anderson


Deck Hand

25. Karen Jackson

26. "Poody" Standal

27. Dick Anfinson & Guy Aufderheide

28. Fran (Lenth) Frazee

29. Fran (Lenth) Frazee, Mary Anne (Carson) Johnson, & Eileen (Dockman) Voreades

30. Mary Anne (Carson), Fran (Lenth) Frazee, Bob Fundingsland

31. Karen (Ebner) Brinkman

32. Jack Wartnick, Sandy (Imm) Ward, Sandy (Turnbull) Bodner, Fran (Lenth) Frazee, Eileen (Dockman) Voreades, & Dick Anfinson

33. Tony Austin, ??, ??, ??, Eileen (Dockman) Voreades, Fran (Lenth) Frazee,

34. Fran (Lenth) Frazee, Sandy (Turnbull) Bodner

35. Sandy (Imm) Ward, Mike Sickels, Jack Wartnick, Richard Ward,

36. Mike Sickels, Jack Wartnick, Richard Ward

37. Pat (Campion) Lemieux,

38. Rhaelah (Hart) Anderson & Sheri (Denesen) Redman,

39. Dick Anfinson

40. Mary Ann (Carson) Johnson

41. Miao Ling Tjoa

43. Miao Ling Tjoa, Fran (Lenth) Frazee, & Roly Visaya

44. Joan Hermann, Dan Hermann, Beverly Sands

45. Beverly Sands, Dan Hermann

46. Dan Hermann & Joan Hermann

47. Dianne (Hermes) Engstrom

49. Fran (Lenth) Frazee & Holly (Morehouse) Vowels

50. Pat (Campion) Lemieux, Elaine (Wright) Gerdts, & Dick Anfinson

51. Dick Anfinson, the trip organizer, waves good-bye

They may not be "cake eaters" but they were a "class act".

53. "I hope everyone had a wonderful ride because I sure did."
Bob Frazee shows off his Honda Goldwing.

Photos Also Contributed By

Fran (Lenth) Frazee
Pat (Campion) Lemieux
Dave Rand

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