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Membership Photos - SLMC

If any of the names, or nicknames, are wrong let me know let me know. Please identify the photo by number.

1. Barrie "Dead Skunk" and Ann Schumack

2. Bob "Cowboy" and Eunice Lange

3. Vija Brookshire and Chris Simmons

4. Eric Carpenter and wife

5. Tom "Lefty" and Sue "Left Behind" Lee

6. Jim "Smoke" and Lynne "Mirrors" Fleming

7. Gary "G-Man" Philstrom and Jenny "Burro" Alfonso

8. Chris "Klondike" Brown, Russ "Loophole" Myhre
and Doug Mc Collum

9. Nick "Darth Fader" and Leslie Lange

10. Judy Sievers and Chris Simmons

11. Malcolm "Brady" Terry, Eunice Lange,
and Kip "U-Turn" Peterson

12. Sheila Smith and Karen Altnow

13. Jerry "Rocket" Hendrickson and Chris "Klondike" Brown

14. Sheila "Tipsy" Smith and Dale Schultz

15. Kurt "Papa" Berg and Roger "Mr. Fabulous" Haddock

16. Gabe Johnson, Jerry "Rocket" Hendrickson,
and Beth Johnson

17. Judy Sievers, Russ "Loophole" Myhre
and Debra "Snackcakes" Heisick

18. Karen Bauer Altman, Johnathan Hendrickson,
and Tom "Unc" Walgren

19. Amy and David Olshansky, Chicago

20. Curtis "Rash" Zaun and Cheryl "MD3" Stanton (2017)

21. Ann Schumack, Mike Stagg,
and Nadia Wood

22. Chris McCollum and Vija Brookshire

23. Steve "Deacon" Cobb and Ferid Gruetzner

24. Ryan "Jiggy" Lindman and Tyson "Cold Nutz" Smith

25. Ryan "Jiggy" Lindman and Krysta Carlson Parupsky
Now known as Ryan and Krysta Lindman

26. San and Kelly McCloud

27. Doug and Chris McCollum

28. Nadia Wood, Barrie "Dead Skunk" Schumack,
and Vija Brookshire

29. Kurt "Papa" Berg and Ferid Gruetzner

30. Vija Brookshire and Jenny "Burro" Alfonso

31. Bob "Snapshot" and Fran Frazee

32. Ross "Nails" Kramer and Todd Andrews

33. Danny "Flash" Greenstein

34. Jerry Davis

35. Mark "Stogie" Greene

36. Charles "Bucky" Zimmerman

37. John "10,000" Miller

38. Kevin "Stones" Snell

39. Gary "G-Man" Pihlstrom

40. Jon "Hawkeye" Hawks

41. Sue "Left Behind" Lee and
Susan "Professor Whiskey" Stephan

42. Curtis "Rash" Zaun

43. Eunice Lange, Parrel Caplan,
and Ross "Nails" Kramer

44. Rick "Goat" and Helen Schroeder

45. Dave Bialke


47. Chris Kosel


49. Kim and Michael Dady

In June, 2017, "Tipsy" and "Dangerous Dale" celebrated tying the knot last winter.

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