The Wing Ding in Billings, MT, Bob & Fran Frazee and friends

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The first Wing Ding of the new millenium was held in Billings, MT. We attended the 1997 Wing Ding in Billings with Bart & Elaine Wold. Here Ted & Judy Fruth enjoyed a cool drink and visiting with the Billings welcoming committee on the interstate.

Billings went out of its way to find accommodations for all their guests. Our hosts at the Wing Ding were John and Joy Howard of Huntley, MT.

The first night of the Wing Ding Billings threw a great street party for all their guests. Here Fran and I are with Jerry Schlumpberger and Charli Charlesworth.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police always add color to an event in Billings.

The Wing Ding is always an exciting event. Red, White and Blue everywhere. Here I am with a fellow Goldwinger who complimented my 4th of July shirt. But, as Schlumpie said, "You can see what kind of taste he has."

Schlumpie looks for a new hat.

While at the Wing Ding we attended the Kenny Rogers concert and I took the opportunity to chat with Montana's governor, Marc Racicot.

One day we drove south toward Yellowstone National Park and crossed the Beartooth Pass - 11,500 feet.

Weather on the Beartooth can be unpredictable. We expected it to be cold but it was a bright warm sunny day.

The scenery is magnificant and here you can see the bear's tooth and the snow capped mountains.

Charli was looking for the perfect treasure to decorate her kitchen. In Cooke City, Mt, she bought a bird house.

On our return to Billings we took the Chief Joseph Nez Perce highway. This is the route the Nez Perce indians took to escape from the U.S. calvary during the Nez Perce indian war in 1877.

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I hope you are enjoying our journey.
May the skys always be sunny, the roads dry, and your traffic lights always green.

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Bob at Grand Tetons, 2015
Belli at the Grand Titons, June 2015

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