Lewis & Clark Trail - White Water Rafting, Riggins, ID

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We approach Riggins with the Salmon river on our right. Interestingly, the time zone between mountain and pacific time runs down the river here so we gained an hour when we crossed this bridge. Near here the Salmon runs into the Snake river just north of Hells Canyon. The Snake runs into the Columbia which flows to the Pacific. Lewis and Clark had "smooth" sailing as you will see.

A day of white water rafting on the Salmon River with Exodus Wilderness Adventures was without question the most exciting day on our 18 day journey. We wait with Ted & Judy Fruth and Jerry & Charli Schlumpberger to be picked up by the bus to take us up river. We are armed with our necessary white water equipment: life jacket, paddles, and water cannon.

The day started off smooth enough as we boarded our river crafts 20 miles up river from Riggins.

Fran and Judy quickly learn that white water rafting is not for those who want to stay dry.

During a moment of quiet water we stop on a sandbar for a group photo.

After lunch Fran and Judy moved to the back of the raft where they thought it would be dryer.

We paddle for our lives as we try to get out of the black hole.

Bob & Ted in the front, Jerry and Charli in the rear head confidently through the rapids.

The "dress code" for the rafting trip was old clothes. Judy, Charli and Fran weep as they watch Ted and Schlumpie discard old pairs of tennis shoes which they had been saving for years just for this excersion.

Heading back to the Lewis and Clark Trail we stop to view the White Bird battlefield where the Nez Perce indian war was started when the U.S. calvary fired on six Naz Perce indians who were carrying a flag of truce.

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I hope you are enjoying our journey.
May your skys always be sunny, your roads dry, and your traffic lights always green.

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