The Oregon Coast, Redwood Forests and Crater Lake

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We rode south along the ruggid coast of Oregon. The main highway doesn't follow the coast so it is necessary to make excusions into the many state parks along the shoreline. Here we visit Ecola State Park.

The relentless surf of the blue Pacific Ocean carves out the rough Oregon coast.

Light houses are everywhere. We we visit the scenic Cape Meares near Tillamook.

Lighthouses were used as navagational aids, not merely to warn sailing ships where the coast was located.

Heceta Head Lighthouse is one of the nation's most photographed ocean scenes.

We wake up the following morning in Crescent City, CA, the northern reaches of the redwood forests. Cool mountain air turns the warm sea mist to fog in the earling morning. Redwood trees love the moisture provided by the fog.

Here's our chance to see a redwood tree really close-up.

Everyone got a chance to drive through the redwood tree.

The perfect spot for a group photo.

Stopping at a wayside rest we are able to contemplate the size of the giant redwood.

Crater Lake was without question the singularly most spectacular scene of our entire trip. The perfect spot for a group photograph.

Blue ski and blue water surrounding the cone of the ancient volcano. We drove north through the Cascade mountain range consisting of one volcanic cone, and miles of lava beds, one after another.

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I hope you are enjoying our journey.
May your skys always be sunny, your roads dry, and your traffic lights always green.

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