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The Graduating Class of
Bird Island Public High School, 1959

Our 60th Class Reunion will take place
Saturday, 15 June 2019, in Bird Island
during the Island Day festivities. Join
us in the parade, at the city park, and
for dinner at Athmann's Inn.

(updated: 14 April 2019)

Bob Frazee was the President of the Class of 1959 and for the past 20 years
has attended and photographed our class reunions. Carol Lee Robinson deserves special
recognition for keeping,and making available the class scrapbook within which many of
our historical photos, and memories have been preserved.

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See individual photos of classmates
submitted for our 50th Class Reunion.

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Our 57th Class Reunuon was a luncheon in Hutchenson, MN.

Classmates with spouses

Don Collins, Janet Anderson Lund, Gary Schwarzrock, Corrine Beckman Petersen
Dick Torin, Marian Anderson Sanders, Allan "Duffy" Petersen.

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Our 55th Class Reunion
was held at Jackpot Junction, Morton, MN
August, 2014

Back Row: Allen Petersen, Dick Toren, Gary Schwarzrock,
Sheldon Johnson, Roger Beckler,Don Collins, Bob Frazee
Front Row: Corrine Beckman , Janet Anderson , Connie Swenson,
Judy Schwatzkopf, Marian Anderson , Donna Greiner

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We remember our departed Classmates

Fraya Foesch
Dick Halbrick (May 2008)
Doris Swanson
Darlene Rassmusson (April 2011)
Sharon Flann (February 2015)
Donna Mae Greiner (July 2017)
Roger Beckler (April 2019)

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Our 53rd Year Class Reunion
was held in Bird Island on June 23, 2012.

See Photos from our 53rd Reunion

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Our 50th Year Class Reunion
was held on June 27, 2009, at the
Best Western Victorian Inn, Hutchinson, MN

See Photos From Our 50th Reunion.

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47th Odd Year Reunion, June 24, 2006

By tradition we held a class reunion every five years. Because of a turn of events we did not have one in 2004.
At All School reunion in 2005 we decided to make up for it by having an "Odd Year Reunion" the next year, 2006.
Thus we held a 47th, Odd Year, Reunion on Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the Best Western Victorian Inn, Hutchinson, MN.

24 June 2006

Front Row: Corrine Beckman, Ardys Woolery, Judy Schwarzkopf, Vonnie Dean, Janet Anderson, Marion Anderson
Second Row: Donna Greiner, Don Collins, Jan Olson, Duffy Petersen, Sheldon Johnson, Bob Frazee,
Ron Nordin, Dick Toren, Gary Schwarzrock, and Darlene Rasmussen

Clayton and Pauline Johnson
Clayton and Pauline Johnson
Ceres, California July, 2006.

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All School Reunion, 2005

Corrine, Dicky, Donny & Bobby
Marian Anderson, Dick Toren,
Don Collins, Bob Frazee

Judy & Duffy
Judy Schwarzkoph and Allan Petersen

Gary Schwarzrock

Yvonne & Donna Mae
Yvonne Dean and Donna Mae Greiner

Corrine & Gary
Corrine Beckman and Gary Schwarzrock

Connie, Corrine & Donny

Connie Swenson, Corrine Beckman and Don Collins

Corrine, Janet, Connie & Donny
Marion Anderson, Janet Anderson,
Connie Swenson, Don Collins

Allan Petersen

Donny & Corrine
Don Collins and Corrine Beckman

Dicky, Connie & Corrine
Dick Toren, Connie Swenson and Corrine Beckman

Donny and Charyl
Don and Cheryl Collins

Judy, Duffy, Bobby and Dicky
Judy Schwarzkopf, Allen Petersen,
Bob Frazee, Dick Toren

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All School Reunion, 2000

Donna Mae and Doris
Donna Greiner and Doris Swanson

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20th Year Class Reunion, July, 1979

20th Class Reunion 1979

First Row: Janet Anderson Lund, Ardys Woolery Brunko, Donna Greiner Lindom,
Georgia Erickson Fellers, Corrine Beckman Petersen, Suzanne Vefald Berg

Second Row: Carol Robinson Johnson, Freya Foesch Tersteeg, Marion Anderson Sanders,
Connie Swenson Johnshoy, Sharon Flann Seehusen, Yvonne Dean Salter, Carol Wahlstrom Ninow

Third Row: Darlene Rasmussen Hanson, Sheldon Johnson, Ronald Nordin, Doris Swanson Jansen,
Gary Schwarzrock, Allan Petersen,Donald Collins, Robert Frazee

Photo from Bird Island Union



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A stroll back to our school days

First Grade - 1948

First Grade. Do you recognize anyone not identified?

1. Gary Marhlow    2. Jean Isrealson    3. Clayton Rudolf    4. Bob Frazee    5. Janet Anderson
6. ???    7. Donna Mae Greiner    8. Dick Toren    9. Joyce Johnson    10. Doris Swanson
11. Robert Swanson    12. Sheldon Johnson    13. Roy Anderson

Second Grade, 1949

2nd Grade, 1949

Third Grade, 1950

3rd Grade, 1950

Front Row: Carol Wahlstrom, Janet Anderson, Donna Greiner, Judy Schwarzkopf,
William Ringness, Gary Schwarzrock, Richard Toren, Alan Petersen, Jean Isrealson, Corrine Beckman.

Second Row: Karen Goetzman, Ardys Woolery, Carol Lee Robinson, Sheldon Johnson,
JoAnne Kurtz, Carol Fosland, Suzanne Vefald, Larry Dannewitz, Yvonne Dean, Miss Dickmeyer.

Third Row: Kenneth Bratch, Bob Frazee, Ellsworth Huls, Gary Mahlow, Lealand Anderson,
Sandra Groothuis, Janice Olson, Clayton Johnson, Richard Bratch, Donald Collins

Absent: Donald Peterson, Doris Swanson

4th Grade, 1951

4th Grade, 1951

5th Grade, 1952

5th Grade, 1952

5th Grade in Bird Island Public Elementary School

5th Grade - Lake Lillian

3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades at Lake Lillian Elementary School

Our classmates from Lake Lillian started first grade in Lake Lillian which operated a combined classroom school
from the first through eight grades. In the 9th grade they started coming to Bird Island for High School.

In addition there were many of classmates from the rural Lake Lillian area who attended one room
school houses until the seventh grade at which time they came to Bird Island.

For all of them it was a big transition to a "large school" system with all sorts of extra-curricular
activities like band, chorus, football and basketball teams, school paper, FAA, and school plays.

6th Grade, 1953

6th Grade 1953

Seventh Grade, 1954

7th Grade, 1954

7th Grade, 1954

Eight Grade, 1955

8th Grade, 1955
8th Grade, 1955

8th Grade at Lake Lillian Junior High School

8th Grade - Lake Lillian Elementary

Freshmen, 1956

Freshman, 1956

Front Row: Corrine Beckman, Ardys Woolery, Georgia Ann Erickson, Carol Wahlstrom, Donna Greiner.

Seocnd Row: Sally Faber, Sharon Flann, Janet Anderson, Judy Schwarzkopf, Marian Anderson,
Sally Olson, Doris Swanson, William Ringness.

Third Row: Sandra Groothuis, Connie Swenson, Delores Odell, Suzanne Vefald, Pat Siegreid,
Freya Foesch, Sheldon Johnson, Larry Dannewitz, Allan Pertersen, Ronald Harvey.

Fourth Row: Janice Olson, Darlene Rasmussen, Carol Lee Robinson, JoAnne Kurtz,
Yvonne Dean,Robert Frazee, Donald Collins, Clayton Johnson, Gary Schwarzrock,
Richard Toren, Carol Wallert, Ronald Nordin.

Sophomores, 1957

Sophmores 1957

Front Row: Carol Wahlstrom, Donna Mae Greiner, Connie Swenson, Gloria Gulbrandson, JoAnne Kurtz,
Marian Anderson, Janet Anderson, Ardys Woolery, Georgia Ann Erickson, Corrine Beckman

Second Row: Judy Schwarzkopf, Sharon Flann, Doris Swanson, Carl Wallert, Larry Dannewitz,
Sheldon Johnson, William Ringness, Freya Foesch, Carol Lee Robinson, Yvonne Dean.

Third Row: Sandra Groothuis, Allan Petersen, Ronald Nordin, Richard Toren, Robert Frazee,
Gary Schwarzrock, Janice Olson, Donald Collins, Darlene Rasmussen.

(Absent: Suzanne Vefald)

Junior Varsity Basket Team

Allan Petersen, Dick Toren, Bob Frazee,
Gary Schwarzrock and Don Collins
(March 1957)

Juniors, 1958

Juniors 1958

First Row: Corrine Beckman, Donna Greiner, Edith Rham, Georgia Erickson, Carol Wahlstrom, Ardys Woolery.

Second Row: Gloria Gulbrandson, Marian Andeson, Freya Foesch, Suzanne Vefald, Doris Swanson, Carol Lee Robinson, Janet Anderson

Third Row: Connie Swenson, JoAnne Kurtz, Yavonne Dean, Sharon Flann, Sheldon Johnson, Larry Dannewitz, Carl Wallert, Edmund Rham

Fourth Row: Darlene Rasmusson, Janice Olson, Allan Petersen, Richard Toren, Robert Frazee, Donald Collins, Ronald Nordin,
Gary Schwarzrock, William Ringness

Senior Year, 1958 - 1959

Football Team

Homecoming Queen - Corrine Beckman

Basketball Team

Baseball Team

Track Team






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