55th Class Reunion of the Bird Island Class of 1959 - by Bob Frazee

The Graduating Class of
Bird Island High School, 1959

(updated: 145 August 2015)

Our 55 Year Class Reunion
Bird Island Class of 1959
August 23, 2014
Jackpot Junction, Morton, Mn

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BI Panthers                

Front Row: Corrine (Beckman)Petersen, Janet (Anderson) Lund, Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy,
Judy (Schwarzkopf)Tilock, "Marian" Corrine (Anderson)Sander, Donna Mae (Greiner) Lindom
Back Row: Allan "Duffy" Petersen, Dick Toren, Gary Schwarzrock, Sheldon Johnson,
Roger Beckler, Don Collins, Bob Frazee

01. Dick Toren and Janet Anderson Lund

02. Marian Anderson, Donna Greiner & Connie Swenson

03. Gary and Nola Schwarzrock and Fran Frazee

04. Ralph and Marian (Anderson) Sander

05. Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, Dick Torin, Sheldon Johnson, and Bob Frazee

06. The Reunion was held at Jackpot Junction, Morton, MN.
It has great facilities and it provided us with a private dinning room.

07. Donna (Greiner) Lindom, Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, Bob Frazee,
Dick Toren, and Sheldon Johnson.

08. Marion (Anderson) Sander and Sheldon Johnson

09. Corrine (Beckman) Peterson and Janet (Anderson) Sander

10. Allan Petersen and Roger Beckler

11. Allan Petersen, Roge Beckler and Bob Frazee

12. Donna (Greiner) Lindom and Allan "Duffy" Petersen

13. Roger Beckler and Gary Schwarzrock

14. Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, Judy (Schwarzkopf) Tilock, and Janet (Anderson) Lund

15. Judy (Schwarzkopf) Tilock, Janet (Anderson) Lund, Roger Beckler
Gary Schwarzrock, Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, and Nola Schwarzrock

16. Sheldon Johnson and Allan "Duffy" Petersen

17. Janet (Anderson) Lund, Bob Frazee,
and Marian (Anderson) Sander

18. Roger Beckler, Bob Frazee, Gary Schwarzrock
Allen Petersen and Sheldon Johnson

19. Don Collins still fits into his BI
baseball uniform.

26. Allan Peterson and Gary Schwarzrock

20. Dick Toren, Gary Schwarzrock, Allan Peterson, Don Collins,
Sheldon Johnson, Roger Beckler and Bob Frazee

21. Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, Judy (Schwarzkopf) Tilock,
Marian (Anderson) Sander, and Donna Mae (Greiner) Lindom
Sheldon Johnson, Roger Beckler, Don Collins, and Bob Frazee

22. Corrine (Beckman) Petersen, Janet (Anderson)Lund,
Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy and Judy (Schwarzkopf) Tilock.
Allan Peterson, Dick Toren, Gary Schwarzrock,
Sheldon Johnson and Roger Beckler.

23. Roger Beckler, Don Collins and Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy

25. Don Collins still turns a pretty girl's eyes.
Connie (Swenson) Johnshoy, Marian (Andeson) Sander,
and Judy (Schwarzkopf) Tilock admire their hero.

27. Don Collins and Corrine Backman, Homecoming Queen

28. Corrine (Beckman) and Allan Petersen

29. Cheryl and Don Collins

30. Donna (Greiner) Lindom, Ron Weis, and Sheldon Johnson.

31. Don Collins, Ron Weis, and Gary Schwarzrock

32. The cake.

33. Bird Island baseball shirt.
(Town team, not the school).
Cheryl saved it in mothballs for 55 years.
It was "rediscovered" when they
moved from Duluth to Delano.

The Reunion Committee

Bob Frazee - Chairman,
Donna Mae Greiner,
Gary Schwarzrock,
Sheldon Johnson

Deceased Members of Our Class

Freya Foesch
Richard Haubrick
Darlene Rasmusson
Doris Swanson

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