Imperial China, The Yangtze River & Tibet
May, 2007 an OAT Tour

Traveling Across China by Train and Bus

Overnight Train Trip From Beijing to Xi'an

Train route from Beijing to Xi'an

To maximize our experiences in China OAT scheduled an overnight train trip from Beijing to Xi'an (pronouced Chi on). China, unlike a lot of modern countries does not have air service to a lot of their major cities. Trains are the way to travel. The pullman compartments were set up for four people but we had only two per cabin. Our bags were placed in the baggage car and we carried only our overnight necessities. We left Beijing in the dark and woke up as the train was traveling across China (see map above) to Xi'an. Taking pictures from a moving train or bus proved challenging and limited but not impossible.

The Beijing RRy Station      We search for our car

Our sleeping car, small but quite comfortable      By the time I get up Ed is already seated in the aisle taking pictures

I have no idea were we were so just enjoy the scenery     

Farmers working in their fields     

      Family shrines in the fields


Only 10% of China is tillable land.  Terraces convert hills and even mountains into fields      Small plots can be cultivated by hand

Small cemetary     

      A small village

The conductor makes his rounds     

Power plants as we approach Xi'an      We approach Xi'an

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  • Xi'an, The First Capital of China
  • Bus Overland From Wuhan to Three Rivers Dam

    Bus from Wuhan to Three Gorges Dam

    We took an early morning flight from Xi'an to Wuhan and then
    boarded a bus for a 5 hour ride to the Three River's Dam where we
    boarded our cruise ship for a cruise of the Yangtze River.

          Water buffalo resting at edge of lotus pond

    Family shrines      We start seeing more rice paddies as we travel south


    Planting rice     


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  • The Three Rivers Dam
  • Bus Overland from Chongqing to Chengdu

    We disembarked from our cruise in Chongqing (pronounced Chung King) and toured the city.

    Everything on the boat is loaded and unloaded by hand      We disembark at Chongqing


    Chongqing was the headquarters of the U.S. forces in WWII commanded by General "Vinegar" Joe Stillwell between 1942 and 1944. He was also Ghiang Kai Shek's Chief of Staff. The Stilwell Museum contains maps and photographs as well as a display on the Flying Tigers. Also located in Chongqing is Hongyan Cun a group of buildings occupied by the Nationalist-Communist "United Front" government during WWII. The Communist leader Zhou Enlai was located here and Mao visited the area after the surrender of Japan in 1945 to attend the US sponsored talks with the Kuomintang. General Stillwell also worked with Mao and the communist forces to defeat the Japanese and was a strong advocate of the Communists working with the Kuomiintang and Chiang Kai Shek to form a new Chinese government. After the Japanese were defeated the Kuomintang attacked the Communist forces and the revolution began. Stillwell was transfered back to he United States. If you are interested there is an excellent book, "Stillwell", about Vinegar Joe and the Chinese-Burma Theater in WWII. The rest is history.

    Chongqing is a modern city that is hot in the summer      Chongqing is built on the side of a mountain

          Bob next to bust of General Stillwell on the terrace of the museum

    Vinegar Joe's Office      Chiang Kai Shek, Madam Shek, and General Stillwell

    Street market on our way out of town     

    Overland by bus from Chongqing to Chengdu

    After a short tour of Chongqing we took a
    5 hour trip by bus overland to Chengdu.


    Rice paddies      The countryside is getting more mountainous

          Lotus fields - the roots are good to eat



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