Imperial China, The Yangtze River & Tibet
May, 2007

Beijing - The Imperial City Today

Beijing No Longer The City of Bikes

Northern China, Beijing east of the Golbe Desert

Beijing, "The Northern Capital", is no longer the "city of bikes". There were a lot of bikes but far fewer than I expected, but there were also a lot of cars. Naturally it was the bikes, not the cars that caught my photographer's eye. Bikes are a cheap mode of transportation in this flat city and can easily be turned into any kind of transportation vehicle. On our first morning in Beijing we were taken by bus for a tour of the city. I didn't notice a lot of pollution in the air as much as I noticed it was very windy and a lot of dust blowing. We were told this is sand being blown in from the Golbi Desert to he west. All construction sites, and there were lots of them, are required to cover mounds of dirt and sand with nets to prevent them from being blown away. Needless to say there was a lot of construction taking place - both to modernize the city and also to prepare for the 2009 Olympic Games.

Front of our hotel located in a back alley    Morning greeter at our hotel

view of a Hutung from our hotel window    Peking Duck served for the welcome dinner

convenience store across alley from our hotel


street signs also in English    special roads for bike traffic


Alley to a Hutong   

Olympic stadium called The Bird Nest    Trees have been planted to sweep the dust from the Golbi Desert

a private school    program for us in the private school


street sweeper at the subway station    bicycles parked at the subway station

Map of subway with new routes (orange) being built for the Olympics    Every block has several designated street sweepers


Mega highways all over the city   


Covered for rain    Two can ride as cheaply as one

Special side lanes keep bicycles out of auto traffic   

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