The Best of Kenya
and Tanzania, 2008

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT)

Movies of Maasai taken in Kenya and Tanzania

<B><H3>Greeting to a Maasai Village</H3> </B><BR>

By tradition, guests to a Maasi village are greeted by dancers.
The women sing and dance while the warriors
show their strength by how they can jump.
Masai Mara, Kenya

<B><H3>More Greeting to a Maasai Village</H3> </B><BR>

The Maasai women are dressed so colorfully
Masai Mara, Kenya

<B><H3>Womans Support Center, Karatu, Tanzania.</H3> </B>

We are greeted at the Woman's Support Center.
Karatu, Tanzania. May 2008

<B><H3>Sharing Culutral Expereinces, Tanzania</H3> </B>
Women teach their dancing techniques, May 2008

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