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A short family history to help put these pictures in perspective may be helpful.

Oliver Sidney Frazee was married twice. His first wife was Ruth and Gladys Frazee was born to this marriage. Gladys married J Latham of Bird Island and had two children: J.D. and Ruth Latham.

Oliver's first wife, Ruth, died and he married Elizabeth Wiest. Oliver and Elizabeth had five children: Russell, Donald, Hazel, George, and Vivian.

Gladys Latham died and J.D. Latham was raised by Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee of Olivia, MN. Ruth Latham was raised by her Latham grandparents, Charles and Mary Latham of Bird Island, MN

Accordingly, there will be many photographs of the various family members mixed together. Come with me and enjoy them all

I have encouraged family members to provide me with photographs and family history. Most of the photographs on these sites are ones I had in my collection. I want to give special recognition to my sister Shannon Welch nee Frazee, and my cousins Judy Severson nee Bjerke and Betty Magnuson nee Frazee for providing photographs of our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts which they have preserved over the years.

If you have any photographs you would like to share with the family just let me know and we can make arrangement to have them copied and returned to you. My belief is that photographs are taken to be shared, not kept hidden away in a shoebox or a dusty album. I will send a full size copy of any photograph to any family member who requests one. Don't be bashful.

The number of photographs has increased so I have created this Jump Station by family. Of course there are many overlaps so don't restrict yourself to just one family scroll down and enjoy them all.

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James Frazee (1775 - 1851)

   Jonathan Frazee (1816 - 1891)

       Isaac Newton Frazee (1839 - 1892)

         Oliver Sidney Frazee (1878 - 1955)

            Gladys Fay Latham nee Frazee (1898 - 1930)

                  J.D. Oliver Latham (1924 - 1997)

                  Ruth Meier nee Latham (1925 - 2015) )

            Russell Leslie Frazee (1906 - 1974)

            Jeanette Knudson Frazee (1913 - 1964)

                  Terry Wayne Frazee (1939 - )

                        Dawn Frazee Engen (1965 - )

                        Shane Frazee Illis (1967 - )

                  Robert Michael Frazee (1941 - )

                         Phillip Jeffrey Frazee (1969 - )

                         Suzanne Michelle Smith nee Frazee (1973 - )

                  James Russell Frazee (1942 - )

                  Shannon Lee Welch nee Frazee (1947 - )

                        Lisa Marie Meyer nee Welch (1970 - )

                        Allison Frazee Lis nee Welch (1973 - )

                   Thomas C. Frazee (1950 - )

                        Christopher Frazee (1976 - )

                        Corey Frazee (1978 - )

            Donald Lee Frazee (1907 - 1988)

                   Betty Marlene Magnuson nee Frazee (1938 - )

            Hazel Bjerke nee Frazee (1908 - 2003)

                  Gerald C. Bjerke (1933 - )

                  Judy Severson nee Bjerke (1946 - )

            George Frazee (1909 - 1991)

            Vivian Boozier nee Frazee (1917 - 2008)

J.D. Latham & Ruth Meier nee Latham Family Extra Photos

The Frazee Clan

Oliver Sidney Frazee
aka: "The Boss" and "Grandpa"
This is where it all started.
Our founder visited Arizona, 1951
Some of his genes are in each of us.

Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee, Olivia, MN

Oliver Sidney Frazee
Date unknown

Grandpa Frazee with Gladys
Sucking on lolly pops

Grandma & Grandpa Frazee
walking the street in Arizona
Unknown woman

Grandma Frazee feeding bear
Arizona, 1951

Grandpa Frazee hugging
Grandma Frazee

Grandma and Grandpa Frazee

Grandpa, Donald, George, & Russell
Hazel, Grandma and Vivian

Vivian and Hazel
Grandma Frazee holding Judy

Grandma Frazee
At Hazel's house
March 3, 1947

Donald and Grandma
The way we used to ride

Grandma Frazee at home on
the farm, 1960

Frazee home in Bird Island

Jerry Bjerke, Grandma Frazee, Grandpa Frazee
Terry, Betty & Bobby Frazee
Ronnie Bjerke and Jimmy Frazee
About 1946

Russell and Jeanette Frazee nee Knudson, Bird Island MN

School photograph - 2nd grade?
Russell Frazee identified with an "X"
Donald Frazee on his left?

Hunting or Logging Party?
Russell Frazee by intitals "RF"
Date Unknown

1916 Hokum's Auction
Left to Right:
Hazel Frazee, Mildred Hokum
Donald and George Frazee
Russell Frazee and Russell Hokum

Russell L. Frazee
Hamline football uniform
About 1925 - 1926

Russell L. Frazee
Date unknown

Russell L. Frazee
Date Unknown

Dressed for the cities at Bjerke home in Minneapolis and back on the farm

Russell & Jeanette Frazee
Street Photo - Daytons, Mpls

Betty Frazee, Yvonne Hyndman
Shannon Frazee, Mary Hyndman
Jimmy Frazee

Vivian & Russell Hyndman, Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman and Russell, Date Unknown

Russell L. Frazee
at Hazel's home
date unknown

Russell & Jeanette Frazee, May, 1956

Russell at home, January 1961

Tommy & Shannon
Russell & Jeanette's
Christmas Card
about 1956

Campaign Poster
about 1958

Family photo at Green Lake, date 1962/63
Starting at bottom of table and going clockwise: Wilma, J.D., Donald, Bertie Mae & George, George Meier
Steve Latham, Russell, Jeanette, Marge holding Linda
Cindy Latham standing behind Marge, Kim Latham standing by Wilma

Tom Frazee with Tiny (see the dog?)
March, 1962

Russell L. Frazee
About 1959

Russell & Jeanette Frazee
25th Wedding Anniversary

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Russell Frazee> Robert Frazee

Robert "Bob" Frazee

Bobby, Jimmy & Terry
1944 or 1945

Cowboys on Uncle Donald's farm
Betty & Jimmy sitting behind table
Terry sitting in front
Bobby standing on right

Bob Frazee's graduation from high school, May, 1959
Shannon, Jim, Bob, Tom, Mom (Jeanette)

Bob Frazee graduated from Hamline
June, 1963 Jeanette, Jim, Fran Lenth, Bob
Grandma Knudson, Tom, Shannon & Russell

Bob's Army Retirement Portrait January, 1995

Allison, Bill, Lisa & Shannon
Summer, 1980

Bob & Fran, Suzanne and Phillip
Christmas, 1979

Howard and Bernice Knudson
Tom & Judy Frazee
Bob & Fran Frazee
Bill & Shannon Welch nee Frazee
Christmas, 1980
The Cousins

Phillip, Allison, Suzanne, Lisa
Chris and Corey Christmas, 1980

Wilma's 80th Birthday Party, June, 2000

The Frazee Clan
Bob, Shannon, and Tom
Betty, Wilma, and Bertie Mae

Bob Frazee, Bill Welch, Tom Frazee

Bob, Shannon & Tom
Bob's 60th Birthday, May 2001

Bill Welch, Kauai

Bob and Fran on their Honda
Goldwing, Upper New York, 1969

Bob and Fran with their
2002 Goldwing

Change of Command, 1991
214th Legal Service Organization
88th ARCOM, Fort Snelling, MN
Col Ron Zilstra, AG, Special Troops Cmdr
Col James Mahoney, JAGC, Outgoing Cmdr
Major General Paul Raykamp, 88th ARCOM Cmdr
COL Robert Frazee, JAGC, incoming Cmdr

Colonel Robert M. Frazee,
U.S. Army, JAGC
January, 1995

Frazee Family at Grand Cayman Island, March 2008
Phillip, Laura, Abbey Smith, Fran,
Bob holding Elle Monet, Suzanne & Rob Smith

Jimmy Frazee

Jim Frazee and Kirk Nicholson

Shannon Frazee Welch

Jimmy, Shannon & Betty Frazee

Tom and Shannon on front
steps of Frazee home, Bird Island, MN

Bill, Shannon and Allison Welch

Tom, Terry, Bill & Shannon
use the "Biff" provided by the Frazee
Lions Club during Frazee Days in Frazee, MN

Shannon, Allison, Bill & Lisa
Christmas, 1974

Bill Welch, Kauai

Shannon and Bill Welch

Shannon Welch & Jim Frazee
In California for Bill's 30th Birthday
31 December, 1974

The Mark Meyer and Lisa Welch Wedding - 27 March 1999

Bob and Fran Frazee
Bill and Shannon Welch
Tom and Terry Frazee
Mark Meyer and Lisa Welch
Dinner before the wedding, Mar 1999

Bill and Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch and her Bride's Maids
Allison Welch (sister) and Marie Camp (cousin)

Bill & Shannon Welch nee Frazee; Lisa and Mark Meyer

The Mark Lis and Allison Welch Wedding, 30 September 2006

Allison & Mark Lis, Shannon Welch nee Frazee

Tom, Bob, Shannon, and Jim

Mark, Jake & Allison Lis nee Frazee
Shannon Welch nee Frazee
Lisa, Mark, and Will Meyer

          Christopher Frazee (7) born on February 14, 1976. He married Jacquueline Morin on April 2, 2017, in White Bear Lake, MN.

Corey and Jennifer's Wedding Reception, August, 2009

Shannon, Bob and Tom

Tom, Judy and Terry

Thomas E. Telfer > Alexander Telfer > Bessie Knudson (nee Telfer) > Jeanette Clareese Frazee (nee Knudson)

Knudson Family History and Photos - Jeanette Frazee's Parents

Birth Certificate, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Bessie Telfer:
Event: Birth; Event Date: 18 Aug 1889; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States; Registration Date: 18 Nov 1941; Registration Place: Cook, Illinois; Gender: Female; Father's Name: Alaxander R. Telfer; Father's Birthplace: Chicago; Father's Age: 30; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1859; Mother's Name: Clara Zink; Mother's Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio; Mother's Age: 29; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1860; Certificate Number: 97219

Census 1900, Norman County, Township Strand, date: 12 June 1900
Carl Knudson, head of household; white male, DOB: Jan 1862, age 48, married; Occupation: Farmer; Immigrated to US: 1884, been in the U.S. 16 years; Born: Norway, father born Norway, mother born Norway; can read, can write, can speak English
Anna Knudson, wife, white femaile DOB: May 1857, age 43; married; Born: Norway; father born Norway; mother born Norway; Immigrated 1868, been in US 10 years; can read, can write; can not speak English;
Harry Knudson, son, white, male, DOB: Feb 1891, age 9, single; Born: Minnesota; Father born: Norway; Mother Born: Norway.; attended 6 months of school.

1910 Census, Chicago ward 28, Cook County, Illinois: 27 April 1910:
Harry Knudson, Husband, male, white, age 21, married, number of years of present marriage: 0; Born: Minnesota; Father born in Norway, speaks Norwegian; mother born in Norway, speaks Norwegian; Occupation: Street Car Conductor. (wife on sheet 14 line 1 (next page)
Bessie Knudson, wife, white age 20 married, number of years of present marriage: 0; Place of Birth: Illinois, Father Place of Birth: Illinois; Mother Place of Birth, New York. Occupation: none.

Birth Record, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Howard Knudson:
Event Date: 17 July 1910; Event Place: Cook County, Illinois; Registration Place: Cook County, Illinois; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: American; Race: White; Father's Name: Harry Knudson; Father's Age: 34; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1876; Mother's Name: Bessie Telfer; Mother's Age: 31; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1879; Certificate Number: 8391.

Birth Record, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Jeanette Clareese Knudson:
Event Type: Birth; Event Date: 22 February 1913; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; Registration Date: 20 Sept 1943; Registration Place: Cook County Illinois; Gender: Female; Father's Name: Harry Knudson; Father's Birthplace: Red Wing, Minnesota; Father's Age: 23; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1890; Mother's Name Bessie Teller; Mother's Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois; Mother's Age: 23; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1890; Certificate Number: 254530.

World War I Draft Registration: Harry Knudson, Event Date: 1917-1918; Event Place: Minneapolis City no 7, Minnesota; Gender: Male: Birth Date: 05 Mar 1890; Birthplace: Red Wing, Minnesota, U.S.; Occupation: Shipping Clerk; Northwestern Reed and Raton Company ; Support: wife and 2 children; claim exemption: yes, have wife and 2 children. Date: June 1917

Census 1920, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 7 January 1920:
Harry Knudson [Knutson], Head of household, Male, white age 29; married; Born in Minnesota, father born in Norway, mother tongue: Norwegian; Mother born in Norway, mother tongue: Norwegian; employemnt: shipping clerk, Reed Factory, paid wages.
Bessie Knudson (nee Telfer), wife, female, white age 27, married; born in Illinois; Father born in Illinois; mother born in New York, never employed.
Howard Knudson, son, male, white, age 8, single, born in Illinois; Father born in Minnesoa; Mother born in Illinois.
Jeanette Knudson, daughter, female, wite, age 6, born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota, Mother born in Illinois.

Census 1930, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
Harry T. Knudson, head of household; Rent $20 month; Male, White, age 40, Born: Minnesota; father born: Norway; Mother Born: Norway;
Bessie Knudson, wife; femaile, white, age 39, married, Born in Illinois; Father born in Scotland; Mother born in Germany. not employed;
Howard T. Knudson, son, male, white; year of birth: 1911, age 19, single, born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota, Mother born in Illinois, clerk in grocery store
Jeannette C. Knudson, daughter, female, white, age 17, single, Born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota; Mother born in Illinois; clerk in grocery store.

Death Certificate: Alexander Telfer -- Grandma Knudson's Father:
Event Date: 24 July 1931; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; Address: 2856 Shakespear Ave; Gender: Male; Race: white; Age: 72; Marital Status: Married; Birth Year (Estimated): 1859; Birth Date: 11 August 1859; Birthplace: Chicago, IL; Father's Name: Thomas E. Telfer; Father's Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland; Mother's Name: Agnes Kelly; Mother's Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland; Occupation: Retired police officer; Spouse's Name: Clara Telfer; Burial Date: 27 July 1931; Burial Place: Chicago, IL; Cemetery: Graceland.

[Web Master's Note: As far as I can ascertain the Telfers were part of the MacGregor clan. Shannon Frazee Welch has a "Scottish pipe" which was given to her by Howard T. Knudson's wife, Bernice, after Howard died. Shannon never knew what the significance of the pipe was until now. We presume it belonged to Bessie Knudson's (nee Telfer) Grandfather, Thomas E. Telfer, who immigrated from Scotland. William Meyer, Lisa Welch Meyer's son and Shannon's grandson, has the "Billy Club" Grandma Knudson's father, Alexander Telfer, used to carry on the beat when he was patrolling the streets of Chicago.]

1940 Census, Ward 11, Minneapolis, Hennepin County MN
Harry Knudson, Male, age 50 Married, White Head of Household, Born in Minnesota, DOB 1890, Last lived in Redwing, MN, owner of furniture store.
Bessie Knudson, Female, age 79, Married, White, Wife, Born in Illinois, DOB 1861, Last lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

World War II Draft Registration: Name: Harry (No Middle Name) Knudson; Event Date: Draft Registration; Event Date: 27 April 1942; Event Place: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnsota; Address: 2402 - 12th Ave So; Age 52; Race: White; Complexion: Rudddy; Employer: Self Manufacturing; Birth Date: 05 Ma 1890; Birthplace Red Wing, Minnesota; Relative's Name who will always know your address: Jeannette Frazze (sic.), Bird Island, Minn; Employer: Self (Manufacturing); Place of Employment: 1209 Washington Ave. So. Mpls, Henn. Minn; Eye Color: Blue; Hair Color: Black; Height: 6' 1"; Weight: 220.

Census 1940, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota: April 8, 1940:
Howard T. Knudson, head of household; married, white, age 29, maile, Born in Illinois, DOB: 1911; Occupation: Truck Driver, Fruit Produce Wholsale
Marie A. Knudson; wife, female, white, age 30, married, Born in Minnesota; DOB: 1910; Machine Operator wholesale Seed Co.

Marriage and Divorce Records: Howard Knudson
Marie Knudson: Divorced during the war
Lillian Knudson: died of cancer
Bonnie B. Dunn: Married 28 Sept 1968; divorced 10 May 1971,age 60, DOB: 1911
Bernice Knudson

Death Record - Social Security: Howard Thomas Knudson: DOB: 17 July 1910; DOD: 22 Jan 1990, age 80. Buried Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesoa. Mother's Maiden Name: Telfer

Jeanette and Howard Knudson

Jeanette Knudson

Grandma & Grandpa Knudson's cabin
at Big Lake, MN

Back Row: Russell Frazee, Harry Knudson (grandpa), & Howard Knudson
Front Row: Unknown, Clara Telfer (nee Zink)- Bessie Knudson's Mother, Bessie Knudson (nee Telfer)(Grandma),
Jeanette Frazee (nee Knudson), Marie Knudson -Howard's first wife?

1940, before the War because Howard is in the picture and I'm not.

Back row: Russell Frazee, Howard Knudson, and Unknown
Front row: Grandma Knudson's mother, Clara Telfer, Harry "Grandpa" Knudson holding Terry,
Bess "Grandma" Knudson, Jeanette Frazee nee Knudson
Summer 1940

PVT Howard Knudson

Howard and Bernice Knudson
Christmas, 1980

Frazee spending Christmas in Minneapolis
at the Knudson apartment, December 1951

Black and white television was the newest technology
in 1951. It was Christmas but Grandpa's "TV" was the hit
of the day. He could get good black and white pictures
with just "rabbit ears" on top of his set - unlike our
snowy pictures in Bird Island. Hoppalong Cassidy was the
craze and there were stories in the paper about people who
got upset that Hoppalong never got shot that they actually
shot at him on the TV. This was the start of a new era.

In the background is Bobby (facing camera) and
Jimmy (facing the TV). Dad (Russell) is on the right
watching TV. Grandma Knudson is sitting in the middle
facing toward the camera. In the foreground on the left
is Mom (Jeanette) Tommy and Shannon, facing the
TV, are being held by Lil, Howard's second wife.

Harry "Grandpa" Knudson"
About 1959

Harry "Grandpa" Knudson
Retirement from Honeywell
March, 1958

Grandma Knudson's 80th Birthday
with Phillip and Lisa

Howard's 75th Birthday

Shannon Welch (nee Frazee) holding
Scottish pipe which belonged to her great-
great Grandfather Thomas E. Telfer, Grandma
Knudson's Grandfather, who immigrated from
Edenburgh, Scottland, to Chicago.

Close-up photo of Scottish pipe.

1912 Photo of Harry and Bessie Knudson with
Howard Knudson, Grandma is pregnent with Jeanette.
Grandma is wearing the locket in photo below.

Locket worn by Bessie Knudson with
photos of her mother and father.

Looking Back - Olivia School, First Through Eight Grade in 1921
Article from Olivia Newspaper

Donald, George and Hazel Frazee

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Donald Lee Frazee

Donald and Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman Family, Olivia, MN

Donald Frazee "A Schoolboy"

Donald and Wilma Frazee
Written on the photograph
"Still Happy, Winter, 1932

Jeanette, Bobby, Terry, Betty and Wilma
Jimmy crawling on the ground
Fort Ripley, summer 1943

Judy Bjerke, Betty and Shannon Frazee
The Girl Cousins

How High's the Snow, Momma?
Up to the Roof and Snowing

Betty and Shep in front of
their home on the farm

Uncle George with Terry, Betty and Bobby

Terry, Bobby, and Betty Frazee, Riders on the Plain

Donald got a pony and cart for Mike
and Jennifer - every child's dream

George & Bertie May Frazee, Donald & Wilma Frazee
Toby & Hazel Bjerke nee Frazee, Marlyn & Vivian Boozier nee Frazee
Donald and Wilma's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Toby and Hazel Bjerke nee Frazee, Minneapolis, MN

Hazel on front steps of
her home in Minneapolis

Hazel, Grandma, & Vivian Frazee

Toby is the oldest of five children. This is a photo of
Toby Bjerke, standing next to his mother, Nellie. Deloras,
the baby, is on the table with Margaret (Maggie)on the right.
This picture was taken in Norway and the photo was provided to
me by Joel Bjerke, a nephew on Toby's side of the family.

Toby's Family:
Norman Bjerke, Delores Hansen, Maggie Soulis,
Sylvia Ernsberger and Toby Bjerke
Front row - Parents: Carl and Nellie Bjerke

The note I received with the above pictures: My name is Joel Hilden and I just
wanted to say I enjoyed reading through your Frazee family history online.
Hazel Frazee was my great aunt, as she was married to Toby Bjerke. Toby was
the older brother of my maternal grandmother. Got all that? :) Anyway, I
enjoyed seeing pictures of Hazel and Toby's son Jerry. Hazel was proud of
her son becoming an Air Force pilot. Anyway, I saw Jerry once in
my life and that was at Toby's funeral in 1989. I've always wanted to reach
out to him. I'm a career Air Force officer myself, having served five years
active duty and still hanging in there as a reservist.

Jerry Bjerke

Grandma Frazee with
Jerry Bjerke
Date: ???

Jerry flying to Okinawa - His favorite pictue

"This an actual [photo] taken from the tanker on our
trip to Okinawa. This is actually me. The AF photographer
was on the tanker I was paired with. This picture appeared
on the cover of Interceptor Magazine that was published by
the old ADC."

Jerry Bjerke with his F102 at Itazuke, Japan AB,

An F102 refueling. This is how Jerry got
from San Francisco to Okinawa.

Toby and Hazel Bjerke

Toby & Hazel, Jerry & Kay Bjerke

Judy Bjerke Severson

Hazel Bjerke with Judy
About 1948

Judy at the pump at Grandma
Frazee's farm in Olivia,

Judy Bjerke with Jim & Shannon Frazee
at Bjerke Home in Minneapolis
January, 1963

Allison Welch, Jennifer Magnuson
and Jennifer Erlandson roller skating
September 1981

Kert and Judy Severson nee Bjerke
with J.D. & Marge Latham
Judy's daughter Jennifer Beth Erlandson
Photo taken at Donald & Welma Frazee
50th Wedding Anniversary
Labor Day weekend, 1982

Hazel Bjerke, 1996

George and Bertie Mae Frazee, Olivia, MN

George spent many years in
the Riverside Sanatorium,
Granite Falls, MN, with TB
The exact dates are unknown.

Bertie Mae would drive from
their home in Olivia every
Friday night to spend the
weekend together. She would
sleep in the car because she
couldn't afford a motel room.

George - date unknown

George & Bertie Mae
at Hazel's home, Jan 1953

George and Bertie Mae, outside
their home in Olivia, with Bubbles

Jennifer Meyer, Judy's daughter,
with Jim Frazee & George
June 1988

George with Bubbles on lawn
at Russell Frazee home, Bird Island

Jennifer Erlandson, Judy's
daughter with George at
Hazel's home in Mpls.

Marlin and Vivian Boozier nee Frazee, Minneapolis, MN

Maid of Honor, Ester, Bride, Vivian Frazee
Matron of Honor, Hazel Bjerke
Flower Girl, Judy Bjerke

Grandma Frazee with Jerry Bjerke

The Bride, Vivian, and her
Father, Oliver Sidney Frazee

The Bride and Groom
Marlyn & Vivian Boozier nee Frazee

Marlyn & Vivian Boozier
April, 1959

Marlyn & Vivian Boozier

Vivian Boozier nee Frazee
Date Unknown (1990's?)
Vivian with Judy's grandchildren

Back Row: Ryan Meyer, Tanner & Dane Fricke
Front Row: Isabella Meyer, Vivian
Elisabeth Meyer, and Hunter Fricke
Christmas Eve, 2006

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