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Ancestry of the

Frazee Family
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This Frazee family history was originally created by my father, Russel L. Frazee, in the late 1950's. He was so proud of his work that he distributed copies to every member of the family. It was subsequently updated by my brother, James R. Frazee. By using the internet I have expanded upon the above information by correcting some errors and updating family information by adding numerous photographs and census data. I was particularly happy to find all the information about the Frazee family in the Civil War. It has made the search more interesting.

Family updates and photographs have been contributed by
Shannon Lee Welch nee Frazee, (sister)
Betty Magnuson nee Frazee, (cousin)
Ruth Meyer nee Latham, (cousin)
Gerald Bjerke, (cousin)
Judy Severson nee Bjerke, (cousin)
Linda Henely nee Latham, (2nd cousin)
Cindy Janssen nee Latham, (2nd cousin)
and other family members.

Created by Bob Frazee
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Frazee Family Reunion, July 18, 2010, Bird Island, Minnesota

The Frazee Clan

Oliver Sidney Frazee
aka: "The Boss" and "Grandpa"
Grandpa visiting his brother in Arizona @ 1951
Some of Isaac's genes are in each of us.

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James Frazee (1775 - 1851)

   Jonathan Frazee (1816 - 1891)

      Isaac Newton Frazee (1839 - 1892) (Civil War Veteran)

      Abner Frazee (1845 - ) (Civil War Veteeran)

         Oliver Sidney Frazee (1877 - 1955)

            Gladys Fay Latham nee Frazee (1898 - 1930)

                  J.D. Oliver Latham (1924 - 1997)

                  Ruth Meier nee Latham (1925 - 2015)

            Russell Leslie Frazee (1906 - 1974)

                  Terry Wayne Frazee (1939 - )

                        Dawn Frazee Engen (1965 - )

                        Shane Frazee Illis (1967 - )

                  Robert Michael Frazee (1941 - )

                        Phillip Jeffrey Frazee (1969 - )

                        Suzanne Michelle Smith nee Frazee (1973 - )

                  James Russell Frazee (1942 - )

                  Shannon Lee Welch nee Frazee (1947 - )

                        Lisa Marie Meyer nee Welch (1970 - )

                        Allison Frazee Lis nee Welch (1973 - )

                  Thomas C. Frazee (1950 - )

                        Christopher Frazee (1976 - )

                        Corey Frazee (1978 - )

            Donald Lee Frazee (1907 - 1988)

                   Betty Marlene Magnuson nee Frazee (1938 - )

            Hazel Bjerke nee Frazee (1908 - 2003)

                  Gerald C. Bjerke (1933 - )

                  Ronald T. Bjerke (1938 - )

                  Judy Severson nee Bjerke (1946 - )

            George Frazee (1909 - 1991)

            Vivian Boozier nee Frazee (1917 - 2008)

Family Stories

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Origins of the Frazee Family Name

James Frazee

James Frazee (1)

James Frazee(1), of English parentage, was born about 1775 at Newark, New Jersey. One source of information gives him as being a native of New York. He died June 3, 1851. The tombstone record, at Lost Creek Cemetery, North of Casstown in the vicinity of Troy, Ohio, gives his date of death as June 26, 1851.

He married one Rachel Knight, of German descent, from Western Pennsylvania. . There is a Rachel Frazee burial record from Casstown Township, Miami County, Ohio, showing date of birth: 6 May 1819; Date of death: 19 Feb 1845; buried at the Lost Creek Cemetery. Children known were James, David K, and Jonathan

James (2) Frazee was born in 1805 and died January 31, 1892, at the age of 87 (Casstown Cemetery, South of Casstown, Ohio. There is some doubt about this man being a son of James (1) Frazee. He probably was because family history indicates that there was a son by the name of James. There is some question as to the name of his wife. It appears she may have been Anna Dye Frazee, born July 30, 1811, and died December 27, 1893. No record of any children.

I received the following information about Anna Dye Frazee from another person who is researching the Frazee Family.

Sent: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 9:35 AM
Subject: Re: Frazee genealogy

Hi Bob,

You have done a wonderful job with the Frazee genealogy. I just want to pass on one more piece of information for reference. The probate records for Miami County Ohio list Anna as wife of Paul.

Probate records for Anna Dye Frazee

Sent: Monday, March 2, 2020 9:29:19 PM
Subject: Frazee genealogy

Hi Belli

I came across the Frazee family webpage "Genealogy of the Frazee Family). I saw my 3rd great aunt mentioned, Anna Dye Frazee, as a possible wife of James Frazee. Anna was the wife of Paul Frazee who died in 1829. He was the son of Moses and Priscilla (Morris) Frazee. Moses was born 1762 and died 1843.

Information on Moses Frazee:

American Revolution Soldiers (of Miami Co., OH)
Moses was born in Westfield New Jersey, and died in Miami County Ohio. He is buried in Lostcreek Cemetery. He served as a private in the New Jersey Militia, Middlesex County, and was a soldier in Kentucky in 1785.

I have siblings of Paul Frazee as: Moses Jr, Lewis and David.

Anna Dye Frazee never remarried and raised 4 children: John, Henry, Jeremiah and Mary Ann.

I have more information on Moses Sr. if that would be helpful in connecting him to your James Frazee (1).

/s/ Dye Descendant

David K. Frazee (2) -- The 1860 U.S. Census for Pike County states he is 46 years of age which would mean he was born in 1814, in Miami County, Ohio. His occupation is lasted as "farmer." He died at Antioch, Jay County, Indiana, May 10, 1886. He was married three times.

One grave marker for David and his three wives.

David's first marriage was to Amanda Ensminger. Four children were born of this marriage: Mary Frazee, Ellen Frazee, Willis Frazee, and Jane Frazee. David K. Frazee's (2) second marriage was to Hannah Lamborn. He had three children from this marriage: Jessie Frazee, Fremont Frazee, and Deliah Frazee. Some reports his first wife's name as Mary (History of the family does not support his.) The 1860 U.S. Census lists a David Frazee, (age 46), occupation farmer, and other members of his household are Hanna (age 29), Mary (age 22), Melinda (age 14), Eleanor (age 13) and Willis (age 8). By the 1860 census report listing both David and Jonathan Frazee with ages only two years difference in ages they have to be brothers. The names of children listed in the census and those listed below do not match -- this requires further research.

David K. Frazee's (2) third marriage was to Mary Lamborn, a sister of Hannah Lamborn, his second wife. They had two children:

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee

Jonathan Frazee (2)

Jonathan Frazee (2) was born September 9, 1816, near Casstown, Miami County, Ohio. He died in Jay County, Indiana, May 6, 1891, at the age of 74, and was buried at Antioch. The
1860 U.S. Census for Pike Township, Jay County, lists him as 43 years old and his occupation is farmer. The census reports other members of the family to be Susanna (age 44), Newton (age 21), Abner (age 15), Julia A (age 14), and Eliza J (age 6). Jonathan had been a resident of Jay County for 50 years and was highly respected. In August of 1837, he married Susannah Layton. She was born June 1, 1816, in Miami County, Ohio, and died June 26, 1889, at the age of 73. She, likewise, was buried at Antioch. She was a daughter of Joseph and Catherine Mann Layton. Jonathan joined the Missionary Baptist Church in 1842, and was an active member until his death in 1891. At the time of his death a sympathy card was signed by "Mollie", probably Mary, David's third wife.

[1880 US Census state the following facts: Name: Johnathan Frazee, age 69; Event Type: Census; Event Date: 1880; Event Place, Pike, Jay County, Indiana; Gender Male; Age: 63; Marital Status: Married; Race: White; Occupation: Farmer; Birth Year (estimated): 1817; Birthplace: Ohio, United State; Father's Birthplace: New Jersey, United States; Mother's Birthplace: Kentucky, Untied States. Sheet Letter: D' Sheet Number: 531; Person Number: 0; Volume: 1; Wife's Name: Ruth, age 64; Daughter: Julia, age 32, single]

Family history indicates that in his later life Jonathan was "afraid of the dark." His grandchildren, particularly the children of his son Isaac, were aware of this and often played tricks on him under cover of darkness, such as creating a clattering noise on the window pane by the use of a notched spool and a piece of string, or by banging an empty tin can against the side of the house. He never would make an investigation to determine the source of the racket or noise, but would refer the matter to "Susie," his wife by saying, "Susie, Susie, what was that?" or "Susie, see what this is!" and Susie, who was of fearless character, would make a complete investigation of the area around the house without success, for by that time the culprit disappeared in the darkness. He was a frugal type of man, at least which was the impression he gave his grandchildren when they came to his home for Sunday dinner. His favorite expression or admonition to them, on such occasion as the food was passed was, "Now boy's, do not take too much, you may not like it." .

1860 U.S. Census for Pike Township, Jay County, Indiana

Susannah Frazee nee Layton, 1816 - 1889
Isaac Newton Frazee's Mother, and
Oliver Sidney Frazee's grandmother.

Gravestone at Antioch Cemetery,
Portland, Indiana

Jonathan Frazee, 1815 - 1890
Isaac's father, and
Oliver Sidney Frazee's grandfather.

Jonathan and Susannah Frazee's children were: Isaac Newton Frazee, Abner J. Frazee, Julia Ann Frazee, Eliza Jane Frazee, and William Frazee

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee

Isaac Newton Frazee (3) a Civil War Veteran (this author's great grandfather)

[1870 Census: Frazee, Isaac N., male, age 31, white, birth year estimate 1838-1839, birthplace Ohio; Ruth Frazee [Frazer], female, age 24, white, birth year 1845-1846, birthplace: Ohio; Johnathan [Frazer], male, age 4, white, birth year 1865-1866, born in Indiana; Rebecca Frazee [Frazer], female, age 2, white, birth year 1867-1868, born in Indiana.] [1880 U.S. Census: Frazee, I.N.; white; married; age: 41; Date of birth: 1838; place of birth of Father: Ohio, Place of birth of Mother: ; Wife, Ruth, White,age 32, h Born: 1848, Housekeeper, Father born: Ohio; Mother Born: Ohio; Johnathan Frazee, male, age 13, single, white, housekeeper, son, born 1867, Born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio; Rebecca Frazee, female, age 11, single, white, at school, daughter, born 1869, born Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio; Ada Frazee, female, age 9, single, white, at school, daughter, born 1871, born, Indiana, father born Ohio, mother born Ohio; Berney Frazee, male, age 7, single, white, at school, son, born 1873, born in Indiana, father born in Ohio, Mother born in Ohio. May also want to search "Frazer"]

Isaac Newton Frazee (3), enlisted in the 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry on 29 July 1861. At the time of his discharge in 1862 he was a Corporal. After being discharged, he re-enlisted in Company H, 100th Indiana Infantry Regiment as the 1st Sgt. His younger brother, Abner J. Frazee, enlisted at the same time as a private. They participated in the Siege of Vickburg, Mississippi, and the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chatanooga, Tennessee and marched with Sherman to Atlanta, Georgia, and then tothe Sea and then north into South Carolina and eventually to Washington, D.C. where he and his brother were "musered out". In total the united marched over 8,000 miles. He was born January 4, 1839, in Miami County, Ohio. He moved to Jay County, Indiana, in 1847.

Captain Isaac N. Frazee
Mustered into service as a Corporal on July 29th, 1861
Born 04 January 1839
Died 29 August 1892
Buried Antiock Cemetery, Jay Co. Indiana

"Antioch is a small farming community southeast of
Portland, Indiana, in Pike Township. The cemetery is
on the southeast corner of County Road 500 South
and Boundary Pike." (Janice Stucky, Jay County
Historical Society Librarian)

Private Frazee was discharged from the 19th Indiana
early in the war because of disability after being
promoted to Corporal. He again joined the Army on
28 August 1862 as a 1st Sergeant in Company H of the
100th Indiana Infantry. He rose in the ranks and when
he mustered out in June of 1865 he was the
Captain of Company H.

He received a pension after the war.

The roster of Officers of the 100st Regiment Indiana Infantry, Company H, lists 1st Lieutenant Isaac Newton Frazee, of Bluff Point, IN, as having been commissioned on January 9, 1865, and promoted to Captain on May 1, 1865.

Civil War Records of the National Park Service has this information about Isaac N. Frazee, 19th Regiment, Indiana Infantry. He entered as a private and was discharged as a corporal. His military records can be obtain from the National Archives, Film M540 roll 25. Full service records of Civil War Veterans may be obtained from the National Archives.

In the mid 1950's my father became interested in the Civil War and and his research tools were limited (no internet back then) and he read several books by Bruce Catton, include Glory Road, This Hallowed Ground, and A Stillness at At Appomattox, which are recommended readings. My dad made the following comments about the civil war:

"Anyone interested in Civil War drama and the feelings and passions of the battlefield may find these works worth reading. The following information was gleaned from Bruce Catton's Mr. Lincoln's Army edited in 1954 and in whose book the famous Black Hat Brigade and its exploits are frequently referred to. This latter book is an interesting historical work about the Civil War as view through the Army of the Potomac, with all of its failures, misfortunes, and lack of leadership on the top level.

The 19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry was the pet regiment of Gov. Oliver P. Morton of Indiana. A sketch of the regiment's career is printed in "Indiana at Antietam," pp 107-123. The 19th Indiana, with the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Regiments, was assembled in Fredericksburg in the spring of 1862 and placed under the command of young John Gibbons. This outfit, the 19th Indiana, 2nd, 6th and 7th Wisconsin Regiments became known as the "Black Hat Brigade," which was to become famous throughout the remainder of the Civil War. The men of this outfit were outfitted, beyond regulations, with black felt hats and white gaiters/ hence their nickname, "The Black Hat Brigade." It served with valor in the army of the Potomac under McClellan, Hooker, and Meade, the army often referred to in Civil War history as "Mr. Lincoln 's Army." The Black Hat Brigade fought with distinction in the battles of Gainesville, Warrentown, South Mountain, Antietam, Second Battle of Bull Run, and the Battle of Gettysburg. It was at the battle of South Mountain that the Black Hat Brigade became known as the "Iron Brigade." The accepted story is that McClellan, watching its progress up the gap of South Mountain, had exclaimed in admiration: "That brigade must be made of iron!" Whatever its origin, the name stuck, and the brigade lived up to it valiantly the next summer at Gettysburg. See Gibbons Personal Recollections. 20th Indiana Volunteer Infantry."

Web Master's Note: It is interesting to note that Russell knew nothing about Isaac's discharge from the 19th Regiment Indiana Infantry for a disability as a Corporal and therefore did not participate in any of the battles mentioned above. Shortly after his discharge he enlisted in the 100th Regiment Indiana Infantry on August 28, 1862, as the First Sergeant of Company H where he served until the end the war. His yournger brother Abner enlisted at the same time as a private. They served together throughout the rest of the war and were with General Grant in the Battle of Vicksburg, the Battles of Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, Chatanooga, Tennessee, and then marched through Georgia to Atlanta and then to the sea with General Sherman. Isaac was the Captain of Company H when the unit was discharged after war. In fact he signed his brother's discharge papers. Oliver Frazee, Russell's father and son of Isaac Newton Frazee, was only about four years old when his father died and may not have heard anything about Isaac's experieneces in the Civil War.

The Frazee Brothers Go to War to Save the Union
The Civil War History of Isaac Newton and Abner J. Frazee

It is my intention to have only a brief history of their Civil War
service on this page. For full information about their military service go to
The Frazee Family in the Civil War.

Isaac Newton Frazee and his younger brother Abner J. Frazee both lived in Jay County,Indiana, and served in the Civil War. Isaac, the oldest of the two, enlisted in the 19th Indiana Infantry Regiment in July, 1861, and was promoted to Corporal before his discharge for disability (date and reason unknown). Isaac next enlisted in Company H, of the 100th Regiment Indiana Infantry as the First Sergeant with his brother, Abner, a Private, on 28 August 1862. The 100th Indiana Infantry Regiment was assigned to the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Army of the Tennessee which fought with General Grant at the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi. The regiment was then assigned to 4th Division, 15th Army Corps and was part of General Sherman's army at the Battle of Chatanooga, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge. They marched to Atlanta, Georgia, and as part of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 15th Army Corps marched to Savanna, Georgia, with General Sherman. After General Lee's surrender the unit marched to Washinton, D.C. where the unit was mustered out. At the end of the war Abner was still a Private and Isaac had been promoted to a Captain in the Regiment. He was a member of Company H, 100th Regiment Indiana Infantry.

(Web Master's Note: I obtained a copy of Grant's memoirs of the Civil War, $0.99 on Kendle, and he sets forth the details of his military career starting from his attendance at West Point to the end of the war. It is fascinating to learn that because he went to "The Point", and to war with Mexico, with so many of the Southern Generals he knew how they would respond in battle -- which ones would run, which ones would bluff and then run and which ones would stand and fight. Another interesting thing is to learn that the Confederate Army was never a cohesive whole -- each state had its own army which for the most part operated independently from the other armys. The Army of Virginia, led by General Robert E. Lee, was the target because it was the largest and led by the best Generals.)

Abner J. Frazee (3), a Civil War Veteran, (DOB: 1845 - Son of Jonathan Frazee and younger brother to Isaac Newton Frazee, was born in Portland, Indiana. He is buried in the Antioch Cemetery, Jay Country, Indiana. The stone over his grave says: "A.J. Frazee,Company H, 100th Ind. Inf."

Gravestone of Abner J. Frazee
Company H, 100th Indiana Infantry
Antioch Cemetery, Portland, Indiana

Copy of Discharge Paper
Private Abner J. Frazee
14 day of June 1865

To All Whom It May Concern:

Know ye, that Abner J. Frazee a Private of Captain (?) ..... Company, (C)100th Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers, who was enrolled on the Twenty Eight day of August, one thousand eight hundred and Sixty One to serve three years or during the war, is hereby   DISCHARGED   from the service of the United States this 14th day of June, 1865, at Indianapolis, Indiana by reason of Telegraphic Order .. dated May 18, 1865. (No objection to his being re-enlisted is known to exist*.)

Said Abner J. Frazee was born in Jay County in the State of Indiana, is Eighteen years of age, Five feet Nine inches high, Dark complexion, Black eyes, Black hair, and by occupation when enrolled, a Farmer.

Given at Indianapolis, Ind. this Fourteenth day of June 1868.

s/ Isaac N. Frazee
Commanding the Reg't

{*this sentence will be erased should there be anything in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier rendering him unfit for the Army}

The document contains a round green stamp stating:

Bounty Paid
June 29, 1867
B.J. Moore,
Paymaster U.S.A.

(The Discharge was signed by his brother, Captain Isaac Newton Frazee)

Betty Magnuson nee Frazee has the original Civil War discharge document (shown below) of Abner J. Frazee signed by Isaac N. Frazee, Captain, dated June 14, 1865. (This document is not too legible because my aunt, Wilma Frazee, in an effort to preserve the document penciled over the hand written portions and they may not be accurate. The National Park Civil War records list Isaac N Frazee, Captain, Company H, as a member of the 100th Regiment of Indiana Infantry. I imagine that since Abner never married that his discharge papers fell into the hands of his brother, Isaac Newton Frazee, a younger brother who also served in the Civil War. Isaac Newton Frazee is the father of Oliver Sidney Frazee and the grand father of Donald Lee Frazee, whose wife was Wilma Frazee, and great grandfather of Betty Frazee who has the document.

In the Civil War the union army was made up of Regiments organized by the individual States. Men enlisted into companies based upon the county they lived in. Abner Frazee enlisted in Company "H", of the 100th Regiment Indiana Infantry, Jay County. He enlisted on August 28, 1862, as a private and was mustered out on June 8, 1865. See page 558, Company H,
Roster of 100th Regiment, Indiana Infantry for three years of service. This Roster shows the Company was present at the Battle of Vicksburg, Mississippi and marched with General Sherman to the sea.

Sometimes someone would try to organize a Regiment but not enough Companies could be filled so that Company would be incorporated into an existing Regiment. If the casualties of a Regiment where high it might be incorporated into another Regiment. (The 19th Indiana Infantry was incorporated into the 20th Indiana Infantry Regiment.)

Civil War Records of the National Park Service has the following information about Abner J. Frazee, 100th Regiment, Indiana Infantry. The unit's roster indicates it fought at the Battle of Vicksburg. His military records can be obtained from the National Archives, Film M540 roll 25. Full service records of Civil War Veterans may be obtained from the National Archives.

Julia Ann Frazee (3) was born in Portland, Indiana, and married James Smith.

Eliza Jane Frazee (3) was born in Portland, Indiana. She married twice. Her first marriage was to Arthur Dunning. One son, Edgar Dunning, was born of this marriage. Her second marriage was to Elisha B. West. Of this marriage were born:
  • E.H. West (4), who married a Lottie M. LaFollette, on whom no information is available on his marital status.
  • George West (4), on whom no information is available on his marital status.
  • Charles West (4), who married a Skinner.
  • Hulda West (4), married a David Beckdolt. Last information available indicates they lived at Lima, Ohio. She had one daughter.
    • Ruth Beckdolt (5) married a man by the last name of Finn.
  • Clyde West (5) who last lived in Portland, Indiana

William Frazee (3) was born in 1818 in Miami County, Ohio, probably near Casstown. He died at Broadhead, Wisconsin, in 1899, at the age of eighty (80) years. He married twice. The name of his first wife is not available. Of this first marriage there were at least three children: Lou, Laura, and William Jr. His second marriage was to a Mary Merchant, who following her husband’s death moved to and lived at Laurens, Iowa, for several years. Oliver Sidney (4) Frazee, while residing at Laurens, Iowa, lived on her farm. It was known as 'Aunt Mary Frazee Farm." Of this second marriage two daughters and one son were born:

  • Nettie Frazee (4) who married William Bartley.
  • George Frazee (4) on whom further information is not available.
  • There is no information available on the name of second daughter.
Isaac Newton Frazee was married twice. His first marriage was to Adelia Coldren who was a sister of Charles Coldren's father (Hosea Coldren who had married Mary Frazee, a daughter of David (2) Frazee by his first marriage.) Of this first marriage to Adelia Coldren, one child, a daughter was born about 1851, named Clara (4) Frazee.
  • Clara Frazee (4) married Sam Bickole and died at an early age (under 30 years of age).
Isaac Newton Frazee's (3) second marriage was to Ruth Ann Cox. Ruth Ann Cox was born August 11, 1846. She died November 23, 1886, at the age of 40 years. Isaac died August 29, 1892, and was buried at Antioch Cemetary, Jay County.

Isaac Newton and Ruth Ann Frazee nee Cox
(Photo provided to family members by Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman)

Of his second marriage to Ruth Ann Cox there were born 7 children. All were born in Portland, Indiana, after the Civil War:

  • 1, Jonathan C.P Frazee (4) was born March 24, 1866. He married twice. His first marriage was to Margaret (Maggie) Bolen. His second marriage was to Martha Bolen, a half sister of his first wife. He had several sons and one daughter. For years the family lived at Laurens, Iowa. About 1916, they moved to Arizona and settled around Phoenix, Mesa, Florence, and Chandler, Arizona. It is remembered within the family that Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee went to Arizona in 1951 to visit his brother.
  • 2. Rebecca M. Frazee (4) was born February 13, 1868. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Frank Bolen, a half brother of Martha Bolen, who was the second wife of Rebecca's brother, Jonathan C. P. Frazee. The children of this marriage were:
    • James Bolen (5)was born on December 11, 1890.
    • Ord Bolen (5) was born on February 14, 1892.
    • Bessie Bolen (5) was born on May 6, 1886.

  • Rebecca's second marriage was to Edward Huffman. Four children were born to this marriage:
    • Ruth Huffman (5), born on May 19, 1901.
    • Clarence Huffman, born on March 31, 1903.
    • May Huffman (5), born on July 19, 1905.
    • Atho Bolen (5) who died in infancy.

  • 3. Ada M. Frazee (4) was born November 2, 1871. She was married to William Brimm. Two children where produced from this marriage:
    • Ruth Brimm (5), who married Edward Honzay of Olivia, Minnesota.
    • Byron Brimm (5).

  • 4. Bernie Frazee (4) married Cora Sutter. They had three children:
    • Vernie Frazee (5)
    • Russell Frazee (5)
    • Earl Frazee (5)

  • 5. William Frazee (4) died in illness at the age of 22, never married.
  • 6. Elizabeth Edna Frazee (4) was married twice. Her first marriage was to Harry Evans. She had one daughter, Ruth (5) Evans by her first marriage. Her second marriage was to Joseph Hill and they had no children. [Editorial note: the original document prepared by Russell Frazee contains this comment: "Mother is dead and daughter now lives in California]
    • Ruth Evans (5) never married.

  • 7. Oliver Sydney Frazee(4)September 10, 1877 - March 13, 1955, was married twice. First to Ruth Fields and they had one daughter, Gladys. Oliver's second marriage was to Elizabeth Wiest and they had five children: Russell, Donald, Hazel, George and Vivian. The family story starts below.

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Frazee

Children of Isaac Newton Frazee

Photograph Labeled "Oliver Frazee and Siblings"
Oliver is standing on the left

Draft Registration Card for Kandiyohi County, 1917-1918, Birthdate: 10 Sept 1878; age 40; shows he is farming in Lake Lillian, MN. Wife is Elizabeth; Address is Rt 1. Svea, MN

The Latham Family Connection

Oliver Sidney Frazee (4)

Oliver Sidney Frazee (4), the youngest son of Isaac Newton Frazee, was born at Portland, Indiana, September 10, 1877. He died in Olivia, Minnesota, March 13,1955. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Ruth Fields. Ruth died of tuberculoses. Of this marriage two children were born. A son, who died in infancy, and a daughter, Gladys Fay Frazee (5), born November 6, 1898.

A census record for Jay County, Portland, Indiana, for 13 June 1900, sheet 18, lists the following information about Oliver S. Frazee: Born Sept 22, 1877, current age 22. Education is listed as none. He and his mother and father were born in Indiana. He is employed as a Teamster. His wife is Ruth E. Frazee, age 21, born on May 21, 1879. Mother. One child: Gladys A. Frazee, born 1 November 1898. (This information is a little different from that stated above but so close it cannot be ignored and must be assumed to be the same person.)

Oliver Sidney Frazee

Oliver and Ruth Frazee nee Fields.

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Gladys Frazee Latham

Gladys Fay Latham nee Frazee (5)

     Gladys Fay Latham nee Frazee (5) (1898 - 1930) married JC Latham ("no period, no middle name, just JC but he was called 'J'")
(1900 - 1985) of Bird Island. They had three children: J.D., Ruth, and Charles Toby. Gladys Fay Latham nee Frazee, was diagnosed with TB while pregnant with Ruth. Prior to giving birth to Ruth, Gladys took JD and went to North Carolina to stay with a relative (we don't know who that would have been); Ruth was born in New Bern, NC. Following the birth Gladys and the children returned to Bird Island. While on a home stay, Gladys became pregnant with Charles Toby who succumbed to complications from TB and an enlarged heart at 6 weeks of age. Gladys had recurring tuberculosis so she went to the Riverside Sanitarium in Granite Falls, MN, where she died in 1930.

Gladys with J.D. and Ruth
Probably Summer of 1926

Gladys with her father, Oliver
Frazee having a lollipop?

See The Complete History of The Latham Family

(J.D. Latham and Ruth Meier nee Latham)

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee

[Click here for additional Photos of Oliver & Elizabeth Frazee]

The Oliver & Elizabeth Frazee Family of Olivia, Renville County, Minnesota

(Updated: 09 February 2013)

Family of Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee
Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee
Gladys, George, Russell, Donald Vivian & Hazel

Oliver Sidney Frazee’s (4) second marriage was to Elizabeth W. Wiest who was born on May 17, 1886, at Leola, South Dakota. They were married in Frederick, South Dakota in 1904.

Elizabeth W. Wiest is the daughter of Peter Wiest Jr. and Elizabeth Christine Wiest nee Bechtold originally of Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia (now Ukraine). She was born on April 17, 1886 in Leola, Codington County, South Dakota. She died on October 12, 1962, in Olivia, Renville County, Minnesota.

Oliver and Elizabeth had five children: Russell L. Frazee, Donald L. Frazee, Hazel Frazee, George 0. Frazee, and Vivian Frazee. Oliver raised his family on a small farm (20 acres) outside of Olivia, Minnesota. Up until the time of his death on March 17, 1955, at Olivia, Minnesota, at the age of 76, he farmed his land with two mules.

Oliver & Elizabeth Frazee, @ 1944
Photograph carried by J.D. Latham
when he went to war in Germany
during WWII
(Source: Bertie
Mae Frazee. George and Bertie
Mae Frazee kept this photo in
their home until George's death

Oliver & Elizabeth Frazee nee Wiest
Their home in Olivia, MN
About 1945

U.S. Sensus Records for 1910 show the following data:
State of South Dakota, Brown County, Lincoln Township, date May 7, 1910.
Oliver Frazee, Head of Household, Male, age 30, Married, white, Head of Household, DOB 1880, Occupation: Farmer; Born in Indiana, Father's Birthplace: Indiana, Mother's Birthplace: Indiana
Elizabeth Frazee, Wife, Female, age 23, Married, White, Wife, DOB: 1887, Born in South Dakota, Father's Birthplace, Germany, Mother's Birthplace: Germany.
Russell Frazee, Male, age 4, Single, White, Son, DOB 1906, Born in South Dakota, Father's Birthplace: Indiana; Mother's Birthplace: South Dakota.
Donald Frazee, Male, age 3, Single, White, Son, DOB 1907, Born in South Dakota, Father's Birthplace: Indiana; Mother's Birthplace: South Dakota.
Hazel Frazee, Female, age 2, Single, White, Daughter, DOB 1908, Born in South Dakota, Father's Birthplace: Indiana; Mother's Birthplace: South Dakota.
Oliver Frazee, Male, age: 8 months; Single, White,Son, DOB: 1910, Born in South Dakota, Father's Birthplace: Indiana; Mother's Birthplace: South Dakota.
James Bolen, Hired Man, Male, age 20, Single, White, DOB 1890, Born in Indiana, Father's Birthplace: Indiana; Mother's Birthplace: Indiana.

[U.S. Census Records for 1920 show the following data:
State of Minnesota, Renville County, Township of Henryville, date: 19 January 1920: Oliver Frazee, Male, age 41, married, white, can read dand write, Head of Household, Renter, DOB: 1879, Birthplace, Indiana;
Elizabeth Frazee, Female, age 33, married, white, can read and write, Wife, DOB: 1887, Birthplace South Dakata;
Gladys Frazee, Female, age 21, single, white can read and write, Daughter, DOB: 1899, Birthplace Indiana;
Russell Frazee, Male, age 14, single white, can read and write, Son, DOB: 1906, Birthplace South Dakota;
Donald Frazee, Male, dage 12, Single, White, can read and write, Son, DOB 1908, Birthplace South Dakota;
Hazel Frazee, Female, age 10, Single, White, can read and write, Daughter, DOB: 1909, Birthplace South Dakota;
George Frazee, Male, age 10, Single, White, can read and write, Son, DOB 1910, Birthplace, South Dakota;
Vivian Frazee, Female, age 2, Single, White, Daughter, DOB 1918, Birthplace, Minnesota.

Obituary for Oliver Frazee

Mr. Frazee had been ailing for about four weeks. He became seriously ill on Sunday, March 13, 195, and was taken to the local hospital. Suffering from cancer, his condition became critical Tuesday and he died at 2.30 Thursday afternoon.

Oliver Sidney Frazee was born Sept. 10, 1878 at Portland, Ind. His parents, Isaac N. Frazee and Ruth Ann Frazee, died when he was 11 years old and he made his own way and grew to manhood in the place of his birth. He lived at Frederick, S.Dak. from 1902 to 1910 and at Laurens, Iowa from 1910 to 1918. He also lived at Glenwood a few months before coming to Renville county late in 1918. He farmed near Olivia until 1932, when he retired and moved to Olivia.

He was married to Elizabeth Weist at Frederick, S. Dak. in 1904. He is survived by his widow and five children. They are Russell L. of Bird Island, Donald and George of Olivia, Hazel Bjherke and Vivian Boozier of Minneapolis. One daughter is deceased. Other survivors are 11 grandchildren, three sisters and three brothers.

Attending the funeral from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Emil Weist, Canby; Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Bjerke and family, Mr. and Mrs Marlyn Boozier and Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Knudson, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Cuthbert and daughter, Denise, Storm Lake, Iowa, Donald Frazee, Laurans, Iowa; Ed Hoffman, Sioux Rapids, Iowa; Ruth Courtney, Redwood City, Calif.; and J.D. Latham, Valley City, N. Dak.

    Elizabeth W. Frazee nee Wiest - Heritage
    "Grandma Frazee"

  • Grandparents: Peter Wiest Sr. and Eva Maria Bohlender, of Odessa, Russia.
  • Father: Peter Wiest Jr. was born on 22 Feb 1853 in Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia (now Ukraine). Baptism on 27 Feb 1853 in Rohrbach, Russia. Immigration to the United States on 10 Nov 1884, to Yankton County, SD. He died 1920 in Kentner Township, Dickey County, North Dakota. Reference ID was 2396-01.
  • Mother: Elisabeth Christine Wiest nee Bechtold (born 1855) immigrated from Russia, via Bremen, Germany, to the United States on 10 Nov 1884. She is the daughter of Conrad 'Ludwig' Bechtold Sr. and Elisabetha Beck. She was born on 21 Oct 1855 in Freudental, Liebental District, South Russia. She died on 17 Mar 1933 in Saint James, Owatonwa County, Minnesota.

    Elisabeth Christine Wiest nee Bechtold
    Grandma Frazee's mother
    Grandmother to Russell, Donald
    Hazel, George & Vivian Frazee

  • Children: According to Wiest family lore, Peter Wiest Jr. (b. 1853) born in Odessa, Russia, came to the United States, via Bremen, Germany, on 10 Nov 1884 with his wife Elisabeth and a daughter Pauline. They also traveled with a five year old son, Paul (aka Peter) Ernest Wiest. Mode of Travel: Steerage; Port of Departure: Bremen; Ship's Name: Ems; Date of Arrival: 11/10/1884

    The Wiest family listed in the 1900 census for Dickey County, North Dakota is the right family and may have found part of the children in the 1920 census in Minnesota. Peter and Elisabeth Wiest had 11 children: six daughters - Pauline (I) (who died in Russia), Kathryn, Esther, Martha, Pauline (II), and Elizabeth (Grandma Frazee) and five sons - Paul (aka Peter) Ernest, Wilhelm, John C., William, and Emil "Rip" Wiest.

    • Paul (aka Peter) Ernest born on 14 Oct 1878, in Russia. Paul's mother was Peter Wiest, Jr.'s sister. He was born when his mother was either 13 or 15. When he was about the age of five, Paul's mother was going to be married to a man with the last name [Hoeger] or something similar. The new husband did not want to keep the five-year-old, so Peter Wiest, Jr. adopted Paul before bringing him to the United States. Paul married Maria 'Marie' Magdalena Berger in 1899 in South Dakota. She was born in Ohio in 1881. He died in 1943 and was buried in Oronogo Missouri
    • Kathryn A. Wiest. She was born Apr 1880 in Freudental, Liebental District, South Russia. She married James Calvin Horner. They were married about 1907 in North Dakota. She died on 13 Jul 1952 in San Diego County, California.
    • Pauline (I) Wiest. She was born Jul 1881 in Freudental, Liebental District, South Russia. She died Jan 1882 in Freudental, Liebental District, South Russia.
    • Wilhelm was born in Feb 1883, in Russia died in Apr 1883.
    • Pauline M. Sessions nee Wiest, "Aunt Pauline", (Pauline II) was the 5th child born to Peter and Elisabeth Wiest on 23 Apr 1884 in McPherson County, South Dakota. She is the sister of Elizabeth W. "Grandma" Frazee nee Wiest. She married George Henry Sessions on 29 Mar 1914, in Miller, Hand County, South Dakota. She died in Miller, Hand County, South Dakota.

    • "Aunt Pauline" Sessions nee Wiest
      Sister of Elizabeth "Grandma" Frazee
      At Bob and Fran Frazee's
      Wedding, July 18, 1964
      also shown E. Earl Lenth (Fran's father)

    • Elizabeth W. Frazee nee Wiest is the sixth child born to Peter Wiest Jr. and Elisabeth Christine Bechtold. She was born on 17 Apr 1886 in Leola, Codington County, South Dakota. She died on 12 Oct 1962 in Olivia, Renville County, Minnesota. She married Oliver Sidney Frazee and they had five children: Russell, Donald, Hazel, George and Vivian Frazee.

      "Elizabeth Frazee and Her Sisters"
      Elizabeth Wiest (Grandma Frazee) on right
      (ID by Judy Severson nee Bjerke &
      Betty Magnuson nee Frazee)
      Photo provided by Linda Henely nee Latham)

    • John C. Weist. He was born on 08 Mar 1890 in McPherson County, South Dakota. He died after 1951 in South Dakota.
    • William was born on 27 May 1892 in South Dakota. He died on 19 May 1943 in Canby, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard and Ellendale, on July 10, 1917; called into federal service, World War, on July 15, 1917; served in Company K, 2nd Infantry, North Dakota National Guard, to Oct. 5, 1917; 162nd Ambulance Company, 116th Sanitary Train, to discharge; served in France from Dec. 12, 1917, to May 9, 1919. Engagements: Offensive: Meuse-Argonne. Defensive Sectors: Anould and Gerardmer (Alsace); St. Die and Baccarat (Lorraine). He was discharged at Camp Dodge, Iowa, on May 22, 1919, as a Private.
    • Emil "Rip" Wiest was born on 17 Dec 1895 in South Dakota. He died on 01 Nov 1965 in Canby, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. Burial in Canby, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. He was married to Clara Georgia Wiest who was born on April 8, 1900, in Canby, MN and died on Oct 17, 1994 in Canby Mn at the age of 94 years. They had two sons, Bill and James and a daughter, Lorraine.

      • Bill Wiest, born on May 23, 1924 in Canby, MN, and has lived there all his life. He worked in the Ciuties Service Station from 1961 until his retirement in 1998. Bill is a Korean War Veteran. He was a member of the Minnesota National Guard, 47th Division, which was activated during the Korean Conflict. At the time of his activation he was a member of the Service Battery, 175th FA Bn, located in Dawson, MN. He married LaMorne Benner, (born on Jan 14, 1928) from Gary in 1949. They have two daughters, Laurie Yackley and Joni Wiest.

        Bill Wiest and wife, LaMorne and daughters
        on his 82nd Birthday.

      • James Harold Wiest, was born on September 1, 1927, in Canby, MN and died on November 3, 1999, at the age of 72, in Davenport, FL. His wife, Phyllis Mae Wiest (born on Sept 22, 1931 in Canby, MN) predecesed him when she died on August 3, 1993 at the age of 61. They had a son, Scott of who lives in Cathay, N.D, and daughters, Kathy Lucken of Prior Lake, Mari (Steve) Johnson of Plymouth, and Becky Wiest of Eden Prairie. His grandchildren are June Lucken, Chris and Courtney Wiest, and Meredith and Shelby Johnson
      • Lorraine Woresch nee Wiest married Len Woresch of Montevideo. She has a daughter, Penny Woresch living in Montevideo, MN.

        Lorraine Woresch nee Wiest at 88 years of age.

    • Esther A. Anderson nee Weist. She was born Mar 1896 in South Dakota. She married Albert Louis Anderson. They were married on 06 Sep 1930 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota. She died on 29 Aug 1951 in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota.
    • Martha Lillian Tamblyn nee Weist. She was born on 11 Nov 1898 in North Dakota. She married William George Tamblyn. They were married on 14 Sep 1916 in Beadle County, South Dakota. She died Apr 1980 in Hand County, South Dakota.

Obituary for Elizabeth Frazee

Services were held Monday afternoon at the Methodist church in Olivia for Mrs. Elizabeth Frazee, who died at the Olivia Nursing Home Oct. 12 following an illness of three years. Death was due to a stroke and resulting complications.

Mrs. Elizabeth Frazee (Weist) was born at Leola, S.D. on May 17, 1886. She was married to Oliver Frazee at Frederick, S.D. in 1904. They lived on a farm near Olivia from 1918 to 1934, when they moved to Olivia. Mr. Frazee died in 1955.

Deceased is survived by five children, Russell of Bird Island, Donald and George of Olivia and Hazel Bjerke and Vivian Boozier of Minneapolis. Other survivors are 11 grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs Pauline Sessions of Madison, S.D. and Mrs Martha Tamblyn of Miller, S.D. and one brother, Emil Weist of Canby.

Among those from a distance attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Latham and son Steve of Bowman, N.D. Mr. Latham lived at the Frazee home during his boyhood days. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Emil Weist of Canby; Mrs. Pauline Sessions, Madison, S.D.; Mrs Ruth Hopps, Mrs. Virginia Schemp and Vivian Hyndman, Minneapolis; and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirkpatrick, Cokato.

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee

[Click here for additional Photos of Russell L. Frazee]

Russell Leslie Frazee (5)

Russell Leslie Frazee (5) was born on January 5, 1906, at Fredericks, South Dakota and passed away February 20, 1974, in Olivia, Minnesota. Russell died of pneumonia as a result of Parkinson's Disease. As was the custom "back then" Russell quit school after the 7th grade and intended to stay home and farm with his father. After one year out of school he decided that farming was too hard so he returned to school and graduated from Olivia High school. He attended Hamline University, St. Paul, MN, for two years and then attended the YMCA Collage of Law where he received an LL.B. He started his legal practice in Bird Island and was elected as County Attorney of Renville County, Minnesota. He served in this office for 24 years, the longest term of service as County Attorney than any predecessor. He was a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association and admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Minnesota and the U.S. Federal District Court of Minnesota. An attorney in Redwood Falls, MN, told me that "Russ" was known as "Mr. Ditch" because of his expertise in condemnation of land for county ditches which were an essential part of draining the wetlands in Renville Country to produce more tillable farm land.

Russell married Jeanette C. Knudson of Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 5, 1935. Jeanette C. Knudson was born February 22, 1913, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents were Harry and Bessie (nee Telfer) Knudson. They later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Thomas E. Telfer > Alexander Telfer > Bessie Knudson (nee > Jeanette Clareese Frazee (nee Knudson)

Knudson Family History and Photos - Jeanette Frazee's Parents

Birth Certificate, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Bessie Telfer:
Event: Birth; Event Date: 18 Aug 1889; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States; Registration Date: 18 Nov 1941; Registration Place: Cook, Illinois; Gender: Female; Father's Name: Alaxander R. Telfer; Father's Birthplace: Chicago; Father's Age: 30; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1859; Mother's Name: Clara Zink; Mother's Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio; Mother's Age: 29; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1860; Certificate Number: 97219

Census 1900, Norman County, Township Strand, date: 12 June 1900
Carl Knudson, head of household; white male, DOB: Jan 1862, age 48, married; Occupation: Farmer; Immigrated to US: 1884, been in the U.S. 16 years; Born: Norway, father born Norway, mother born Norway; can read, can write, can speak English
Anna Knudson, wife, white femaile DOB: May 1857, age 43; married; Born: Norway; father born Norway; mother born Norway; Immigrated 1868, been in US 10 years; can read, can write; can not speak English;
Harry Knudson, son, white, male, DOB: Feb 1891, age 9, single; Born: Minnesota; Father born: Norway; Mother Born: Norway.; attended 6 months of school.

1910 Census, Chicago ward 28, Cook County, Illinois: 27 April 1910:
Harry Knudson, Husband, male, white, age 21, married, number of years of present marriage: 0; Born: Minnesota; Father born in Norway, speaks Norwegian; mother born in Norway, speaks Norwegian; Occupation: Street Car Conductor. (wife on sheet 14 line 1 (next page)
Bessie Knudson, wife, white age 20 married, number of years of present marriage: 0; Place of Birth: Illinois, Father Place of Birth: Illinois; Mother Place of Birth, New York. Occupation: none.

Birth Record, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Howard Knudson:
Event Date: 17 July 1910; Event Place: Cook County, Illinois; Registration Place: Cook County, Illinois; Gender: Male; Ethnicity: American; Race: White; Father's Name: Harry Knudson; Father's Age: 34; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1876; Mother's Name: Bessie Telfer; Mother's Age: 31; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1879; Certificate Number: 8391.

Birth Record, Cook County, Chicago, Illinois:
Jeanette Clareese Knudson:
Event Type: Birth; Event Date: 22 February 1913; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; Registration Date: 20 Sept 1943; Registration Place: Cook County Illinois; Gender: Female; Father's Name: Harry Knudson; Father's Birthplace: Red Wing, Minnesota; Father's Age: 23; Father's Estimated Birth Year: 1890; Mother's Name Bessie Teller; Mother's Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois; Mother's Age: 23; Mother's Estimated Birth Year: 1890; Certificate Number: 254530.

World War I Draft Registration: Harry Knudson, Event Date: 1917-1918; Event Place: Minneapolis City no 7, Minnesota; Gender: Male: Birth Date: 05 Mar 1890; Birthplace: Red Wing, Minnesota, U.S.; Occupation: Shipping Clerk; Northwestern Reed and Raton Company ; Support: wife and 2 children; claim exemption: yes, have wife and 2 children. Date: June 1917

Census 1920, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 7 January 1920:
Harry Knudson [Knutson], Head of household, Male, white age 29; married; Born in Minnesota, father born in Norway, mother tongue: Norwegian; Mother born in Norway, mother tongue: Norwegian; employemnt: shipping clerk, Reed Factory, paid wages.
Bessie Knudson (nee Telfer), wife, female, white age 27, married; born in Illinois; Father born in Illinois; mother born in New York, never employed.
Howard Knudson, son, male, white, age 8, single, born in Illinois; Father born in Minnesoa; Mother born in Illinois.
Jeanette Knudson, daughter, female, wite, age 6, born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota, Mother born in Illinois.

Census 1930, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota:
Harry T. Knudson, head of household; Rent $20 month; Male, White, age 40, Born: Minnesota; father born: Norway; Mother Born: Norway;
Bessie Knudson, wife; femaile, white, age 39, married, Born in Illinois; Father born in Scotland; Mother born in Germany. not employed;
Howard T. Knudson, son, male, white; year of birth: 1911, age 19, single, born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota, Mother born in Illinois, clerk in grocery store
Jeannette C. Knudson, daughter, female, white, age 17, single, Born in Illinois, Father born in Minnesota; Mother born in Illinois; clerk in grocery store.

Death Certificate: Alexander Telfer -- Grandma Knudson's Father:
Event Date: 24 July 1931; Event Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; Address: 2856 Shakespear Ave; Gender: Male; Race: white; Age: 72; Marital Status: Married; Birth Year (Estimated): 1859; Birth Date: 11 August 1859; Birthplace: Chicago, IL; Father's Name: Thomas E. Telfer; Father's Birthplace: Edenburg, Scotland; Mother's Name: Agnes Kelly; Mother's Birthplace: Edenburg, Scotland; Occupation: Retired police officer; Spouse's Name: Clara Telfer; Burial Date: 27 July 1931; Burial Place: Chicago, IL; Cemetery: Graceland.

[Web Master's Note: As far as I can ascertain the Telfers were part of the MacGregor clan. Shannon Frazee Welch has a "Scottish pipe" which was given to her by Howard T. Knudson's wife, Bernice, after Howard died. Shannon never knew what the significance of the pipe was until now. We presume it belonged to Bessie Knudson's (nee Telfer) Grandfather, Thomas E. Telfer, who immigrated from Scotland. William Meyer, Lisa Welch Meyer's son and Shannon's grandson, has the "Billy Club" Grandma Knudson's father, Alexander Telfer, used to carry on the beat when he was patrolling the streets of Chicago.]

1940 Census, Ward 11, Minneapolis, Hennepin County MN
Harry Knudson, Male, age 50 Married, White Head of Household, Born in Minnesota, DOB 1890, Last lived in Redwing, MN, owner of furniture store.
Bessie Knudson, Female, age 79, Married, White, Wife, Born in Illinois, DOB 1861, Last lived in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

World War II Draft Registration: Name: Harry (No Middle Name) Knudson; Event Date: Draft Registration; Event Date: 27 April 1942; Event Place: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnsota; Address: 2402 - 12th Ave So; Age 52; Race: White; Complexion: Rudddy; Employer: Self Manufacturing; Birth Date: 05 Ma 1890; Birthplace Red Wing, Minnesota; Relative's Name who will always know your address: Jeannette Frazze (sic.), Bird Island, Minn; Employer: Self (Manufacturing); Place of Employment: 1209 Washington Ave. So. Mpls, Henn. Minn; Eye Color: Blue; Hair Color: Black; Height: 6' 1"; Weight: 220.

Census 1940, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota: April 8, 1940:
Howard T. Knudson, head of household; married, white, age 29, maile, Born in Illinois, DOB: 1911; Occupation: Truck Driver, Fruit Produce Wholsale
Marie A. Knudson; wife, female, white, age 30, married, Born in Minnesota; DOB: 1910; Machine Operator wholesale Seed Co.

Marriage and Divorce Records: Howard Knudson
Marie Knudson: Divorced during the war
Lillian Knudson: died of cancer
Bonnie B. Dunn: Married 28 Sept 1968; divorced 10 May 1971,age 60, DOB: 1911
Bernice Knudson

Death Record - Social Security: Howard Thomas Knudson: DOB: 17 July 1910; DOD: 22 Jan 1990, age 80. Buried Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesoa. Mother's Maiden Name: Telfer

Russell and Jeanette lived in Bird Island, MN, until their deaths. Jeanette Frazee passed away June 26, 1964 in Olivia, Renville County, Minnesota, of pancreatic cancer. They had five children: Terry Wayne, Robert Michael, James Russell, Shannon Lee, and Thomas Craig.

Wedding Photograph

Russell & Jeanette C. Frazee
George Frazee, groom's brother
Maid of Honor is Unknown Friend
of the Bride.
January 5, 1935

Russell & Jeanette Frazee
25th Wedding Anniversary
January, 1960

Tom, Shannon, Jim, Bob, & Terry
About 1953

Tom and Shannon
Jim, Bob & Terry
About 1961

Terry, Jim, Shannon, Tom & Bob, Sept 30, 2006 Frazee

April 2, 2017 at Chris and Jacqueline's Wedding
Bob & Fran Frazee, Terry (Tom's wife), Shannon, and Tom

Bob, Shannon and Tom, April 2, 2017

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Terry W. Frazee

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Terry W. Frazee

     Terry Wayne Frazee (6) born April 26, 1939, in Willmar, MN. He married Kathryn Kay Lawrence, (DOB: February 13, 1945) in Delavan, Minnesota on August 2, 1963. Kathryn's parents are Virgil and Lila (Fenske) Lawrence. Terry graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College (B.A. 1962), South Dakota State University (M.A.), and a Specialist Degree from Mankato State University. Terry started his career as a science teacher and then moved into school administration and became a Principal, and eventually retiring as a Superintendent of Schools. He is currently retired. Terry and Kathryn have a home in Spicer, MN, on Green Lake, and in Dundee Florida. Of this marriage were two lovely daughters:

Terry & Kathy's Wedding
August 2, 1963

Terry Frazee
May, 1957
Senior Class Picture
Bird Island, MN

Terry, Kathy, Dawn and Shane Frazee

          Dawn Marie Engen nee Frazee (7) was born on April 27, 1965 at Blue Earth, Minnesota. Dawn graduated from Brooten High School and has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Corey Shawn Engen (born in July, 1965, in Belgrade, Minnesota). They were married in Spicer, MN, in July, 1983. The marriage ended in a divorce on September 21, 1985. Of this marriage were two children: Amanda Marie Engen (8) born on January 29, 1984, and Martin Shawn Engen (8) born on January 18, 1985.

Dawn's Current Family - 2009

Dawn's Children

Amanda Toutges nee Engen,
Alicia and Allison Redepenning, and
Martin Engen

Amanda Marie Toutges nee Engen(8) married Jesse Toutges (born June 12, 1976)
at the Crow River Church in Belgrade, Minnesota. To this union are two children, Mason (9)
born April 6, 2003 and Kaden (9) born March 21 2007.

Jessie and Amanda Toutges nee Engen
with children Mason and Kaden

Martin Engen (8) married Kayla Basore (born August 2, 1984)
at the Crow River Church in Belgrade, Minnesota. There are currently two children,
Wyatt (9), born February, 15, 2005 and Ana (9), born January 23, 2009.

Martin and Kayla Engen nee Basore
with children Ana and Wyatt

Dawn Marie Redepenning nee Frazee (7)second marriage was to David Allen Redepenning (born October 11, 1962) on January 14, 1989.
Of this marriage were two children: Alicia Claire Redepenning (8) (born February 12, 1990) and Allison Redepenning (8) (born December 1, 1992).
Dawn and David currently live in Anoka, MN.

Dawn, Allison, and Dave Redepenning
Prom, 2010

Alicia & Allison Redepenning
Prom, 2010

          Shane Elizabeth Illis nee Frazee (7) was born on August 9, 1967, in Tracy, Minnesota. Shane graduated from the Brooten High School in 1985 and also from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1989. Shane married Gerald Joseph Illis on December 7, 1991 in Spicer, Minnesota. Shane and Gerald currently make their home in Edgewood, Washington. A son, Brendan Christopher Illis (9) was born on September 28. 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri. On 12 June 2010 Shane told me this about Brendan: "Brendan, our 13 year old son, was chosen to represent Washington state 14U baseball and is member of that team playing at the USA Nationals. He will be competing against other state teams, as well as trying out in front of scouts for the USA Jr. Olympics. If chosen in Phoenix next week, he will be asked to attend a 1 week camp in July (weekend of the reunion) to showcase in front of additional scouts. The top 20 players in his age group will then be put on a plane and head to Nicaragua to represent the US in the Pan American games. Its an honor just to think about others believing in his abilities! If that doesn't work out (and truthfully he has a lot of competition!!!) he'll be back in Washington playing with his home team, the 14U Cardinals, at a wood bat tournament. The other good news is that he's an honor student academically. Quite the all-around kid. What more could a parent ask for?" She is obviously a proud mother and grandpa Terry is probably busting his buttons as well.

Shane Frazee and Gerald Illes

Brendan and his dad.

Brendan attends the University of North Carolina and
is the catcher on the baseball team. After graduation he
will be playing major league baseball.

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Robert "Bobby" M. Frazee

Robert Michael Frazee

     Robert Michael Frazee (6) was born May 2, 1941 in Willmar, Minnesota. Born in Willmar, MN, on 2 May 1941. He graduated from Bird Island High School in 1959, from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN (B.A, in Political Science 1963), and the University of Minnesota Law School (J.D. 1966). He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the Federal District Court for the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Supreme Court, the United States Court of Military Appeals, and the United States Army Court of Appeals.

Bob married Fran Lenth of Minneapolis, MN, (DOB: 20 June 1942) on July 18, 1964. Fran graduated from West High School, Minneapolis, MN (1960), Hamline University, St. Paul, MN (B.A. 1964), and the University of Minnesota (M.Ed 1986). She retired from teaching 7th grade Special Ed (EBD) at the Sandburg Middle School, Robbinsdale School District after 30 years. Fran's parents were E. Earl and Frances E. Lenth of Minneapolis, MN. Robert and Fran have two children: Phillip Jeffrey (7) and Suzanne Michelle (7).

Robert served on active duty in the United States Army from 30 August 1966 to 30 April 1974 in the Judge Advocate General's Corps. He is a Vietnam Era Veteran with his service including Fort Levenworth, KS, three years in Germany with the 4th Armored Division, the 1st Armored Division, and U.S. Army Judiciary as a Military Judge, and Fort Eustis, VA. He graduated from the Judge Advocate General's School Career Course at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, (the equivalent of a Master Degree in Miliary Law) and his thesis, "Flag Desecration, Symbolic Speech and the Military" was published in the Military Law Review (DA Pam 27-100-62, Fall 1973). He served in the United States Army Reserves from 1 May 1974 to 30 January 1995. He retired as a Colonel with 29 years of total military service. Upon his retirement he was awarded the Legion of Merit, the highest non-combat decoration awarded by the military, for his service to the United States.

In May, 1974, after his discharge from army active duty Robert moved to New Hope, MN, and then later to Plymouth, MN, where he currently lives. He joined Meagher & Geer, PLLP, a law firm in Minneapolis, where he became a partner in 1980 and practiced law until he retired. (1974 - 2001) He specialized in medical malpractice defense and the defense of medical devices. From 1981 to 1986 he was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota General College teaching a course in "Litigation for the Paraprofessional".

Bob retired on July 1, 2001, and spends his time taking photographs, traveling and sharing his photographs by creating and maintaining web pages like this one, motorcycling around the country on his Goldwing, gardening, and vacationing in Grand Cayman where he loves to scuba dive.

Bird Island
Graduation Photo
May, 1959

Hamline University
Senior Photo
June, 1963

Bob and Fran's Wedding

Terry & Jim Frazee, brothers of the groom
Charles & Mary Lenth, brother & sister of bride
E. Earl Lenth (Fran's father)& Russell L. Frazee (Bob's father)
Fran & Bob Frazee, Tom Frazee, brother of groom
Shannon Frazee, Frances Lenth (Fran's Mother)
Bessie Knudson (Bob's Grandmother) & Kathy Frazee (Terry's wife)
July 18, 1964

Wedding Picture

Bob & Fran Frazee
July 18, 1964

Bob & Fran Frazee
September, 2000

Phillip Frazee family
Slater, Laura, Elle Monet (10), Phillip, and Sawyer 24 December, 2017

Suzanne Frazee Smith family
Abbey (16), Suzanne and Rob 24 December 2016

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Robert M. Frazee >Phillip J. Frazee

          Phillip Jeffrey Frazee (7) was born March 15, 1969 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. He graduated from Duke University in 1991 (B.S. Psychology) and George Mason University School of Law (J.D) in 1994. He married Laura Elizabeth Hadrian (born April 6, 1970 in Newport Beach, California) in Del Mar, California on September 25, 1999. Laura and Phillip sailed across the South Pacific on their own boat, the "Gunner Too", shortly after being married. They now reside in Carlsbad, California. where Phillip practices law and Laura works for San Diego Gas and Electric Company. They have three children, Elle Monet Frazee (8)(born August 6, 2006), Sawyer Tristan Frazee (8) (born April 25, 2009) and Slater Grayson Frazee (8) (born April 22, 2010).

Bob & Fran Frazee,
Phillip & Laura Frazee nee Hadrian
Rob & Suzanne Smith nee Frazee
September 25, 1999

Slater, Phillip, Elle Monet, Laura and Sawyer Frazee
June 2, 2010

Slater, Laura, Elle Monet, Phillip and Sawyer
24 December 2016

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Robert M. Frazee > Suzanne M. Frazee Smith

          Suzanne Michelle Smith nee Frazee (7), was born on 15 May 1973, in Charlottesville, Virginia. She graduated from Robbinsdale Armstrong high school (1991), Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota (B.A., 1995). She is currently employed in the human resources department at Ameriprise, Minneapolis, MN. She married Robert C. Smith (DOB: 14 June 1969), of Roseville, MN, on 15 February 1997. Rob works for Health Partners, in Minneapolis, MN. They have one child, Abigail Elizabeth (8) (17 February 2000) who is currently in now a Junior in the Roseville High School.

Rob & Suzanne Smith nee Frazee
Bob & Fran Frazee nee Lenth
Phillip Frazee

Suzanne, Rob, and Abigail Smith
Little Cayman Island, 2010

Abbey (16), Suzanne and Rob Smith
24 December 2016

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > James R. Frazee

      James Russell Frazee (6) born December 9, 1942 in Willmar, Minnesota. James graduated from the University of Minnesota (B.S. 1964) and Purdue University (M.S. and Ph.D in entomology). While at the University James received a scholarship from the National Institute of Health to study in Central America. Jim is the author of several scientific research papers and is co-founder of a Marketing Research Company in San Francisco. He was instrumental in the development of one of the Barnes & Noble corporate websites and several other corporate websites. He is currently retired but continues this academic prowess as an adjunct professor at Keller Graduate School of Management (since 2003) where he teaches classes in Project Management, Marketing Management, Information Management and New Product Development. Jim is currently writing two books and lives in New York City with his partner of over 35 year, Kirk L. Nicholson. Kirk graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Horticulture. He is a well known florist and designer having done parties for such people as Marlo Thomas, Paul Newman, Rodney Dangerfield, Jason Robards, Bill Gates, and Condaleeza Rice as well as consultant for floral design for Bon Appetite Corporation in California.

Jim Frazee
Senior Picture
Univ of Minnesota
June, 1964

Jim and Kirk at Frazee
reunion they organized
in Bird Island, 18 Jul 2010

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Shannon Lee Welch

     Shannon Lee Welch nee Frazee (6) born August 25, 1947, in Willmar, MN. Shannon married William "Bill" Welch (DOB: December 31, 1944, St. Mary's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN)on August 1, 1969. Shannon and Bill eloped to South Dakota and 24 hours later while swimming in Green Lake, at the Frazee cabin, her wedding band slipped off and is on the bottom of the lake to this day. Shannon and Bill made their home in Minnetonka, MN. Shannon graduated from the nursing program at Golden Valley Hospital (LPN 1966) and is the head nurse in Bloomington Primary Care Skin Services, Bloomington Clinic of the Park Nicollet Medical Center. Shannon's potential for greatness was recognized at an early age when in 1964 she was chosen as Homecoming Queen at the Bird Island High School. "Bill" died of Melanoma on December 4, 2001. In 2008 Shannon was chosen as the "LPN of the Year" as part of the Park Nicollet Clinic and Methodist Hospital's "Nurses of Excellence" program. Shannon and Bill have 2 children, Lisa Marie (7) and Allison Frazee (7).

High School Graduation
June, 1965

Bill & Shannon Welch at Lisa's Wedding
Hawaii, March 27, 1999

Bill and Shannon Welch nee Frazee
Wedding Reception in Bird Island
August 1969

The same wedding carriage that took Bill &
Shannon to SD when they eloped was available
for Lisa's wedding - just younger horses.

          Lisa Marie Meyer nee Welch (7) was born May 2, 1970 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Lisa married Mark Meyer (born on February 15, 1968) on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, on March 27, 1999. The family lives in St. Paul Minnesota. Lisa is an Assistant Vice President, TCF National Bank, Minneapolis, MN. Marc graduated from the University of Minnesota and Culinary Art Institute. After serving as a head chef at Morton's, Minneapolis, MN, he is now the Manager of Trader Joes, Minneapolis, MN. Lisa and Mark have one son, William "Will" Meyer (8), born on June 18, 2004, in St. Paul, MN.

Lisa's Wedding, Kauai, March 27, 1999

Bill walks Lisa Down the Aisle
27 March 1999

Mark and Lisa Meyer nee Welch
27 March 1999
(photos by Uncle Bob)

Phillip & Marie Camp nee Welch (Bill's sister)
Allison Welch (sister) and Sandra Camp (cousin)
Bill and Shannon Welch nee Frazee
Tom & Terry Frazee nee Herron
Bob & Fran Frazee nee Lenth
Mark and Lisa Meyer nee Welch

Lisa, Will, and Mark Meyer

Mark, Lisa, and Will Meyer with Shannon Frazee

Cousins at Chris' Wedding, 2 April 2017
Suzanne Frazee Smith, Mark Meyer and Lisa Welch Meyer, and Rob Smith

          Allison Frazee Lis nee Welch (7) was born April 6, 1973, in Edina, Minnesota. Allison graduated from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, (B.A. 1995, Marketing)and now works for A.C. Nielson in its marketing department. She married Mark Lis (born August 10, 1973 in Chicago) on September 30, 2006, in Excelsior, Minnesota. Mark Lis graduated from Colorado State, (B.A. 1995, Finance) and is employed as a commodities trader by Mesirow while working on his M.B.A. They have one son, Jake Lis (8), born in Chicago on September 29, 2008.

Allison Welch's Wedding, 30 September 206

Will & Lisa Meyer nee Welch,
Shannon Welch nee Frazee
The Bride: Allison Welch
(Flowers by Jim Frazee & Kirk Nicholson)

Uncle Tom walked the bride
down the aisle.

Allison & Mark's Wedding
September 30, 2006
Mark & Lisa Meyer nee Welch
Mark & Allison Lis nee Welch
Shannon Welch nee Frazee

Jake, Allison and Mark Lis
Fall, 2009

Jake, Summer, 2010

Allison Welch Lis with Mark Lis at Chris' wedding, 2 April 2017

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Russell L. Frazee > Thomas C. Frazee

     Thomas C. Frazee (6) born March 2, 1950, in Willmar, MN. He graduated from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota (B.A. 1972). He is a Certified Life Underwriter (CLU) and Registered Financial Advisor (ChFC)and has his own business, ConCorp Financial Services, in Brooklyn Park, MN. Thomas' first marriage was to Judy Olson of Willmar, MN, on June 24, 1972. Her birth date January 29, 1951, and they had three children, Heather Christine who died a day after birth (Aug 20 - 21, 1974), Christopher Russell (7), born on February 14, 1976, and Corey Thomas (7) born on May 11, 1978. Thomas's second marriage is to Teresa "Terry" Herron. They have no children.

Tom and Terry at Chris' Wedding
April 2, 2017

Senior Class Photo
Bird Island
June, 1968

Teresa & Tom Frazee
September 30, 2006
at Allison (Welch) & Mark's Lis' wedding

Chris and Jacqueline's Wedding, April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017 at Chris and Jacqueline's Wedding
Bob & Fran Frazee, Terry (Tom's wife), Shannon, and Tom

Bob, Shannon and Tom, April 2, 2017

Terry Frazee's(Groom's Step-Mother)Family.

Terry Frazee, Step-Mother of the Groom, with
Bill Fischer, Step-Father of the Groom

Mark, Lisa, and Will Meyer with Shannon Frazee

Cousins at Chris' Wedding, 2 April 2017
Suzanne Frazee Smith, Mark Meyer and Lisa Welch Meyer, and Rob Smith

Allison and Mark Lis

Fran Frazee with Suzanne and Rob Smith

Corey and Jennifer Frazee with Allison Frazee Welch at Chris' wedding.

Corey a quiet moment of reflection at his brother's wedding

          Christopher Frazee (7) born on February 14, 1976. He married Jacquueline Morin on April 2, 2017, in White Bear Lake, MN.

Tom and Chris Frazee before the wedding

After the wedding family photos.

Chris with his mother Judy Olson Fischer
and Step-father Bill Fischer.

          Corey Frazee (7) was born on May 11, 1978. He was married to Jennifer L. Olson in Hawaii, in March 21, 2009. Jennifer's parents are Brenna & Terry Olson, of White Bear Lake, MN 55116.

Corey & Jennifer, Judy & Tom, Chris
Wedding Reception for Corey & Jennifer
August, 2009

Corey and Jennifer Frazee with Allison Frazee Welch at Chris' wedding.

Corey a quiet moment of reflection at his brother's wedding

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Donald Lee Frazee

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Donald Lee Frazee

Donald Lee Frazee (5) was born February 7, 1907, at Fredericks, South Dakota and passed away August 31, 1988, in Willmar, Minnesota. He married Wilma Hyndman (DOB: 17 June 1910) on September 8, 1932. Wilma passed away January 13, 2005, in Hopkins, MN. They lived in a tent when they went on their honeymoon and then lived with Wilma's parents, Aurie and Mary Hyndman, who farmed north of Olivia. After a year they bought the 120 acre farm next to the Hyndman's farm. They have one daughter, Betty Marlene Frazee (6).

Wilma and Donald Frazee

The Olivia Paper Reported the Wedding

A WEDDING CEREMONY - Amid prettily appointed home surroundings on Thursday afternoon, September 8, united in marriage Miss Wilma Hyndman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Hyndman, and Mr. Donald Frazee, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Frazee, all of Olivia. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's parents by Rev. W.G. Schendel of the English Evangelical church before a group of close friends and relatives. The bride was attired in a dark blue crepe gown of ankle length with white crape collar and orange belt and black satin sandals. Mrs. C.D. Bjerke of Minneapolis bridesmaid and sister of the groom, wore a gown of ankle length black satin with a white satin waist trimmed with black buttons and black suede slippers. Both carried bouquets of salmon roses and baby breath. The groom and his best man, his brother, Russell, of Minneapolis, wore dark blue suits. The nuptial vows were pronounced under an archway of ferns decorated with baby breath and zinnias and the rooms of the home were replete with streamers of green and white. Following the ceremony a two course wedding dinner was served at the bride's home at 5 o'clock, and later the happy couple was presented with many beautiful and useful gifts. After a short honeymoon at a cottage at Diamond lake the young folks will make their home on a farm near Olivia. Both bride and groom have grown up in this community, the former having graduated from the Olivia high school, and they have the heartiest best wishes of all who know and admire them. Among those from out of town who attended the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Bjerke and Russell Frazee of Minneapolis. Mrs. G.W. Castle of Marshall, Mrs. I.W. Bronsema of Delhi, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Kunde and family of Litchfield, Charles Latham and Mr. and Mrs. William Rudeen and family of Bird Island and Mrs. I.H. Thomas and children, Violet and John, of Lake Lillian.

Donald & Wilma Frazee with their brothers,
sisters, children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren
at their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Labor Day Weekend, 1982.

Front row: Jennifer Magnuson, Donald & Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman,
and Michael Magnuson (grandchildren)
Back row, Marge & J.D. Latham (Donald's nephew),
Bertie Mae and George Frazee (Donald's brother),
Betty (daughter) & Ken Magnuson, Hazel (Donald's sister) & Toby Bjerke,
Vivian (Donald's sister) and Marlin Boozier,
Vivian Hyndman (Wilma's sister-in-law) and
Yvonne "Voni" Griffin nee Hyndman (Wilma's niece)
Absent: Russell & Jeanette Frazee, (deceased)

[ Editor's note: The Hyndman Connection: Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman grew up on the farm owned by her Father, Aurie, and Mother, Mary Hyndman just north of Olivia. Their farm was only about a mile away from the farm which Donald and Wilma owned. Although they are not part of the Frazee clan we spent holidays with them and they were so much an integral part of our lives that they deserve to be mentioned.

Aurie S. Hyndman was married to Mary Wilheimina Brandt in Hampton Iowa in 1898 or 1899. Mary Brandt came to America from Hanover, Germany, with her father Henry Brandt and Mother Minnie Brandt nee Meyer when she was seven years old. Her double cousin came with the family. Mary Brandt Hyndman was a double cousin to Mary Meyer who married Charles Latham in Hampton, Iowa. Mary Meyer Latham's father was a Meyer and her mother was a Brandt. (This sounds confusing and it is; the explanation is easier to understand if you you know that a brother and sister married a sister and brother from another family.) Aurie and Mary Hyndman nee Brandt had two children: Russell Clyde and Wilma Wilhelmina.

Russell married Vivian and worked the farm with his parents until they retired. When Aurie and Mary retired to Olivia Russell and Vivian took over sole operation of the farm. After Grandpa Hyndman died the farm went to their son Russell - with 40 acres going to Wilma as well. Grandpa and Grandma Hyndman had moved to a large house in Olivia. Russell and Vivian's oldest child was Yvonne "Voni" Hyndman who married Roy Griffin. Their second child was Mary Hyndman who was a year older than Betty. Since the Hyndman and Frazee farms were not even a mile apart Mary and Betty were very close cousins. Mary became ill and disabled with a disease similar to Muscular Dystrophy. Mary died many years ago in Minneapolis and her mother, Vivian, died shortly thereafter. Voni passed away in 2008 after developing Alzheimers.

We also found out that Mary Hyndman nee Brandt, (Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman's mother) and Mary Latham nee Meyer, (Ruth Latham's grandmother), were cousins and emigrated to the United States together. Thus Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman is related to the Latham family two ways.]

Aurie and Mary Hyndman,
Wilma and Russell Hyndman
Date Unknown

Middle: Mary & Aurie Hyndman, Wilma's parents
Left: Wilma Frazee nee Hyndman
Right: Russell Hyndman

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Donald Lee Frazee > Betty M. Frazee Magnuson

     Betty Marlene Magnuson nee Frazee (6) was born on April 17, 1938, and grew up on the farm north of Olivia. She graduated from Olivia High School and the University of Minnesota (B.S. Education)in 1960. Following her graduation she worked for the City of Hopkins Recreation Department for 15 years and the Hopkins School District for 25 years until her retirement. She married Kenneth Magnuson on August 31, 1963. The married ended in divorce in 1991. They have two children: Michael Lee (7) and Jennifer Lynn(7).

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Donald Lee Frazee> Betty Frazee Magnuson> Michael Lee Magnuson>

          Michael Lee Magnuson (7) was born on January 1, 1969 and graduated from Mankato State, Mankato, MN (B.A. Business). He married Kelley Lynn Maxwell, born on February 14, 1973) on April 29, 1995. Michael is the Facility Manager for North Star Mini Storage in Minnetonka, MN. Kelly works with her father at Midnight Market, a combination grocery, deli and gas station in Hopkins. They live in Anoka, MN, with their three children: Caitlin Anne(8), born Jan 12, 1996, Chandlar Lee (8), born April 5, 1998, and Carter Kenneth (8), born March 29, 2002.

Betty Magnuson nee Frazee with Kelley and Mike Magnuson
at Jennifer's wedding
May 20, 2006

Michael and Kelly Magnuson's children
Chandler, Carter, and Caitlin
December, 2009

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Donald Lee Frazee>Betty Frazee Magnuson> Jennifer Magnuson Ell

          Jennifer Lynn Ell nee Magnuson (7) was born on August 9, 1972, and has an Associate of Arts degree from Normandale College, Bloomington, MN. She married Christopher "Chris" Lee Ell (born on December 24, 1973) on May 20, 2006, in Shakopee, MN. Chris has a daughter from a previous marriage, Christine Rose Glieden, born May 12, 1992. Jennifer is a bookkeeper for Cub Foods, Channhassen, MN. Chris is a Business Analyst for Entegris, Chaska, MN. Jennifer and Chris live in Eden Prairie, MN

Betty Magnuson nee Frazee with Jennifer and Chris
at their wedding
May 20, 2006

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Hazel V. Frazee Bjerke

Hazel V. Frazee (5) was born March 14, 1908, at Fredericks, South Dakota. She married Carl T. "Toby" Bjerke in St Paul, Minnesota on April 20, 1929. Carl Bjerke was born in Liholt, Norway on July 27, 1906. and died on August 2, 1989. Hazel worked as a sales person at Dayton's in Minneapolis. Toby worked at the Ford motor plant on the assembly line and played saxophone in a band on evenings and weekends. When Hazel and Toby were married she had to use an assumed name because the Dayton's would not allow married women to work for them. Hazel passed away January 26, 2003, at the age of 94. Of this marriage were three children: Gerald C. (6), Ronald T. (6) and Judith A. (6).

Hazel graduation photo

Toby and Hazel Bjerke nee Frazee
The Bjerke Family

Jerry, Hazel, Judy, Toby & Ron
Date Unknown

Toby is the oldest of five children. This is a photo of
Toby Bjerke, standing next to his mother, Nellie. Deloras,
the baby, is on the table with Margaret (Maggie)on the right.
This picture was taken in Norway and the photo was provided to
me by Joel Bjerke, a nephew on Toby's side of the family.

Toby's Family:
Norman Bjerke, Delores Hansen, Maggie Soulis,
Sylvia Ernsberger and Toby Bjerke
Front row - Parents: Carl and Nellie Bjerke

The note I received with the above pictures: My name is Joel Hilden and I just
wanted to say I enjoyed reading through your Frazee family history online.
Hazel Frazee was my great aunt, as she was married to Toby Bjerke. Toby was
the older brother of my maternal grandmother. Got all that? :) Anyway, I
enjoyed seeing pictures of Hazel and Toby's son Jerry. Hazel was proud of
her son becoming an Air Force pilot. Anyway, I saw Jerry once in
my life and that was at Toby's funeral in 1989. I've always wanted to reach
out to him. I'm a career Air Force officer myself, having served five years
active duty and still hanging in there as a reservist.

There is a movie called "White Christmas" staring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye with Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen playing the Haynes sisters, a musical troupe. One of their songs is about the closeness of sisters and one line of lyrics goes, "Lord help the Mister who comes between me and my sister..." That's Hazel and her sister Vivian. They were inseparable and although not identical twins they sure thought alike. In 1996, when Judy's daughter Jennifer Erlandson married Matt Meyer both Hazel and Vivian were present. They didn't discuss what they were going to wear to the wedding but look what happened:

Matt & Jennifer Meyer nee Erlandson
with Grandparents and great aunt
Ed Erlandson, Vivian, Jenni & Matt, and Hazel

Hazel and Vivian are in
identical outfits except
Hazel is wearing a black skirt
and Vivian's skirt is red

Isaac Newton Frazee> Oliver Frazee> Hazel Frazee Bjerke> Gerald Bjerke

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Hazel V. Frazee Bjerke > Gerald C. Bjerke

      Gerald C. Bjerke (6) born July 12, 1933 in Minneapolis, MN. He married Kay Fort on January 21, 1956, in Minneapolis. Jerry graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BSB, and an ROTC commission in the U.S. Air Force. In the Air Force he earned his wings and flew an F102 for 12 years. Gerald is a Vietnam War Veteran. Upon discharge from the Air Force he spent the rest of his career as the Commercial Product Support Division Manager of a major Aerospace Company. Jerry and Kay retired in December 1996. Kay died in August, 2016. Jerry currently lives in Apple valley, MN. Jerry and Kay have two children: Gregory W. and Tamara K.

Gerald Bjerke
High School Graduation

Jerry and Kay Bjerke nee Fort
January 21, 1956

Kay and Jerry Bjerke
Kay passed away in August, 2016.

Tamara & Gregory

          Gregory W. Bjerke (7) was born October 28, 1956 at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ. Greg married Nita Hahn on April 26, 1976 in Eagan, MN. Of this marriage were four children: Shelley K., Christy L., Gregory W. Jr., and Lizabeth.

Greg and Nita Bjerke nee Hahn
Christmas, 2009

Greg and Nita with family, Dec 2009
Nita, Shelley, Greg, Sr., Christy, Greg, Jr., Beth

Gregory W. Bjerke, Jr. (8) born Sept 29, 1983 in Minneapolis,
currently lives in Lakeville and is not married.

Greg Bjerke

Gregory Bjerke, Jr.

Lizabeth "Beth" Bjerke (8) born Jan. 21, 1985
lives in Lakeville, MN and is not married.

Beth Bjerke
Lizabeth "Beth" Bjerke

               Shelley K. Arndt nee Bjerke (8) born April 25, 1979 in Minneapolis married Eric Arndt. They live in Minneapolis and have two children: Alex (9) and Cameron (9).

Eric and Shelley K. Arndt nee Bjerke
Shelley is Jerry & Kays granddaughter

Greg, Sr. with Jerry & Kay's great grandchildren
Aysia - Christy's daughter
Cameron - Shelley & Eric's son
Greg, Sr.
Alex - Shelley & Eric's son

               Christy L. Bjerke (8) born Feb 25, 1982 in Minneapolis. Christy has one child, Aysia (9), born Sept 30, 2002. Christy is not currently married.

Christy L. Bjerke
Aysia, Christy's daughter
Jerry & Kay's great granddaughter

Tamara "Tami" K. Bjerke (7)was born March 25, 1959 at Clark AB, Philippines.
She graduated from the University of Minnesota and currently lives in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Tami and Kay Bjerke

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Hazel V. Frazee Bjerke > Ronald Bjerke

     Ronald T. Bjerke (6) was born July 14, 1938 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ronald never married.

Ronald Bjerke
Senior Class Picture

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Hazel V. Frazee Bjerke > Judy Ann Bjerke Severson

      Judith Ann Bjerke (6) was born April 11, 1946, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Judy has been married three times. Judy's first marriage was to Michael L. Fricke on April 13, 1964. The couple had one son, Kenneth Michael Fricke (7), born February 16, 1965, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Judith Fricke nee Bjerke divorced Michael Fricke in 1968.

Judy Bjerke
High School Graduation

          Kenneth Michael Fricke (7) married Catherine Crichton of Richfield, MN, on December 5, 1992. They currently live in Savage, Minnesota. The couple had 3 children. A stepson, Dane Scott Fricke (8) born October 10, 1988 in Edina, Minnesota, a son, Tanner Joseph Fricke (8) born May 12, 1993, in Edina, Minnesota, and a son, Hunter Cade Fricke (8) born April 13, 2000 in Edina, Minnesota.

Hazel at Ken & Cathy's Wedding
December 5, 1992

Ken Fricke Family

Hunter 10 yrs, wife Cathy, Ken, Dane 21 yrs, Tanner 17 yrs

     Judith Ann Erlandson nee Bjerke (6) second marriage was to John E. Erlandson on August 14, 1970 and they were divorced in 1977. To this union was a daughter, Jennifer Beth Erlandson (8), born March 24, 1972 in Granite Falls, Minnesota.

          Jennifer "Jenn" B. Meyer nee Erlandson (8) was married to Matthew Paul Meyer of Sauk Center, Minnesota on March 30, 1996 in Nisswa, MN. Jenn and Matthew have three children, a daughter, Isabella Alise Meyer (9) born June 16, 1997 in Minneapolis, MN; a son Ryan Matthew Meyer (9) born December 28, 1999, and a daughter, Elisabeth Ann Meyer (9) born May 11, 2002 in St. Louis Park, MN. The Meyers live in Edina, MN, in the home formerly owned and occupied by Marlyn and Vivian Boozier nee Frazee.

Matt and Jennifer Meyer nee Erlandson
Elisabeth (8 yrs), Ryan (10 yrs), Isabella (13 yrs)
Hazel Bjerke with grandchild
and great-grandchildren

Grandchild Jennifer Meyer and
great-grandchildren Ryan, Elisabeth, & Isabella
June, 2002

     Judith Ann Severson nee Bjerke (6) third marriage was to Kermit "Kert" E. Severson on April 11, 1980. "Kert" was born February, 15, 1940. They currently live in Edina, Minnesota.

Kert and Judy's Wedding

Toby Bjerke, Kert & Judy Severson, Hazel Bjerke
April 11, 1980

Kert and Judy Severson nee Bjerke

Judy's Children, December, 2010

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > George O. Frazee

George 0. Frazee (5) was born August 12, 1909, at Fredericks, South Dakota. He married to Bertie Mae Minser of Olivia, Minnesota. They were married in Deuel County, South Dakota, on May 29, 1939. For many years George was hospitalized in the Riverside Sanitarium in Granite Falls, MN, with TB. George was a book keeper and Bertie Mae worked in the County Register's Office, Renville County Courthouse, Olivia, MN. They made their home in Olivia, MN. George died on May 9, 1991. They had no children.

Bertie Mae and George Frazee
with Bubbles

George and Bertie Mae Frazee
June, 1987

James Frazee > Jonathan Frazee > Isaac Newton Frazee > Oliver Sydney Frazee > Vivian Frazee Boozier

Vivian Boozier nee Frazee (5) was born at Glenwood, Minnesota, September 10, 1917 (also her father's birth date). Vivian worked at Daytons. She married Marlyn Boozier in 1952. Marlyn, who worked as a baker for Gold Medal Flour Company, passed away in October, 1993. There were no children by this marriage. Vivian passed away in December 17, 2008.

High School Graduation

Marlyn and Vivian Boozier nee Frazee
June 1987

Wedding, 1952

Hazel Bjerke, Leland Boozier (Marlyn's brother)
Marlyn and Vivian Boozier nee Frazee
Agnes, Maid of Honor, and Toby Bjerke
Flower girl, Judy Bjerke

The Olivia Paper Reported the Wedding

Mr. & Mrs Oliver Frazee, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Frazee and Betty, and Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Frazee, Mrs Ed. Honzay and Mrs. Mary Hyndman of Olivia and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Frazee and children of Bird Island motored to Minneapolis Saturday where they attended the wedding of Vivian Frazee to Marlyn Boozier which was held at 1st Avenue South Trinity Evangelical Church at eight o'clock in the evening. Mrs. Boozier is a graduate of the Olivia high school and the Teachers Normal Training school of Olivia and has been employed in Minneapolis for the past twelve years. After a short wedding trip to the Black Hills, they will be at home at 5708 Abbott Ave So., Minneapolis.

(dated: 11 April 2017)

Family Stories and Our Memories

Some of the best memories are those which are triggered by some insignificant event which may happen today. It may be a smell, a sound, a taste, or a comment made by someone else which brings back a rush of memories of an event which took place in your childhood. A memory is your recollection of something, an event, a time or place influenced by your personal and subjective interpretation of the event. Someone else may have observed the same event but from his perspective the memory may be different. It doesn't mean your memory is wrong, it is just a different perception of the same event. I remember a couple of years ago (1995 maybe) being in a small town in northern Minnesota in the fall. I caught the smell of burning leaves. Ah, what memories it brought back of growing up in Bird Island. Burning leaves on the curb or in the back yard is now prohibited in most places but was common "in the old days." We all have these memories (maybe the smell of a cigar?) and the purpose of this section is to share them - maybe a comment made by someone here will trigger a fond memory of your own. As a pilot on a Northwest flight once announced as our plane took off and we were heading for some exotic vacation, "Sit back, build yourself a nest, and enjoy yourself."

Contributions by Bob Frazee

Things I remember growing up:

Lutefisk anyone? As you have seen from above, my dad, Russell L. Frazee, held the longest record for being elected as County Attorney as anyone in the entire state. The prevalence of Lutheran churches is important to this story. Renville county is a rural area with lots of farmers of Norwegian and Swedish heritage. For a Norwegian to marry a Swede was often referred to as "mixed marriage". They could be good friends but when it came to religion they each had their own Lutheran churches. Small congregations, with churches to match, would dot the rural countryside. Each township would have at least one, if not two Lutheran churches. It wasn't like that for the Methodists or Catholics. The Frazee family was Methodist and, as I think back, that might be because this was "neutral ground" for everyone else. The only time I remember my father ever actively campaigning for County Attorney was in the late fall when each of the Lutheran Churches would have a Lutefisk dinner as a fund raiser. It seems like between Thanksgiving and Christmas there would be at least two every weekend. These dinners provided Dad with a great opportunity to campaign in the rural areas because there would be a large number of farmers gathered together in a small space for a short period. I don't remember how old I was but I started accompanying Dad to these dinners and developed a real taste for Lutefisk smothered in butter and Lefse, lightly buttered and sprinkled with a generous portion of sugar before it was rolled up for eating. As it became closer to Christmas the dinner fare would also include many of those hard to make Norwegian and Swedish cookies. Dad would go around and shake hands and visit and I don't remember if he ever ate any of the fish. This was such an important part of Dad's campaign that I remember one year a Lutefisk dinner was scheduled in Franklin, MN, on a Friday night. Dad and I drove through a snowstorm to attend the dinner. On the door of the church was a sign, "Lutefisk dinner postponed because of the snow. It will be held on Saturday night." We got back into the car, drove home to Bird Island about 20 miles away, and made the return trip on Saturday night for Lutefisk.

My Mother and Father were married twice. Dad had met Mom when he was going to law school in Minneapolis. Upon graduation he returned to Bird Island to start his practice. He decided to run for country attorney but he was quick to learn that as a single man his chances of winning the election were diminished. So he proposed to Mom and they went out to Bird Island and got married. Joe and Laurene Sester were at the wedding. Grandma and Grandpa Knudson, in Minneapolis, were never told about the marriage. After Dad had won the election and he was sworn in as the Renville County Attorney he and Mom had a second wedding in Minneapolis which was attended by the Knudson family and friends. The wedding picture seen above was not discovered until after both Mom and Dad had died and it has Mom's best friend as her maid of honor but no one knows her name because no one knew about it.

TV in mid 50's not common in rural Minnesota and Bird Island was no exception. Programming was limited - the stations would sign off with the national anthem at midnight. Reception was fair to bad but it was an improvement over radio. Grandpa and Grandma Frazee lived in Olivia and they would come to the Bird Island Frazee's home every Friday night to watch wrestling on TV. Grandpa Frazee, "The Boss" loved to watch one particular wrestler, "Farmer Marlin and his educated feet". Grandpa sat glued to his chair in front of the TV and would scream and shout at the wrestlers as they slammed each other to the ground or impose "the sleeper hold". No one dared to tell Grandpa that it was all fake. After the matches were over it was not uncommon for Jeanette to prepare a snack and Grandpa always wanted "milk toast".

As long as I can remember, my dad, Russell always wore glasses but for the rest of the family having the need for glasses came late in life. Donald, being the second oldest was the first one to buy a pair of "reading glasses". You couldn't get glasses in the local drug store or grocery stores at that time. They had to be specially ordered and were not cheap. Accordingly it was not unheard of for everyone to "make do." When Donald, Wilma, and Jeanette gathered together in the living room it was not uncommon for Jeanette to say, "Donald, pass the glasses" when she wanted to read the TV guide. The only set of glasses would be passed around from person to person as they wanted to read the newspaper, TV guide, or the latest farm magazine.

John Denver's song, "The Old Feather Bed" stirs a particular warm memory for me. Donald and Wilma had a comfortable, but small, farm house. It was not long on amenities to which we have become accustom. There was a large master bedroom and Betty had a small bedroom which was closed off with a curtain for privacy. There was an "upstairs" but to my recollection, until after I was married, no one ever used the upstairs bedrooms. I think it was because of the limited output of the oil furnace in the basement. But we had something better; the largest softest most comfortable feather bed in the world which Wilma had made. I don't remember ever sleeping with a "piggy we stole from the shed" but my head swarms with memories of the feather bed being hauled from the closet and spread out on the living room floor where I fell off to sleep with my brothers Terry and Jimmy.

Russell and Donald's favorate story was to talk about growing up as poor country kids on the farm and wanting rubber to make sling shots. Automobiles were not common and paths used by mules pulling wagons filled with farm produce left deep ruts. Gravel roads were not very common and the horse less carriage had to made its way using these same routes. Russell and Donald would take a board and after pounding some long nails through the board would be statically placed in a deep rut and covered with dirt or mud. Eventually a car would hit the board causing a flat tire. The tire would be replaced on the spot and the old inner tube discarded only to be salvaged by Russell and Donald thus providing a new source of materials for their sling shots. I don't know how true it was, or how many times it might have happened before Grandpa caught them and surely would have given them a "talking to" behind the woodshed, but Russell and Donald never tired of telling the story.

Grandma Frazee was the bread maker. Grandma and Grandpa Frazee lived in Olivia only 5 miles from Bird Island so we would visit them often. It was not uncommon to come to Grandma's house when she was baking bread in a wood burning stove. She made the best bread and the whole house smelled like a bakery. She would have loaves of hot bread sitting on the kitchen selves cooling. When we arrived she would take out a fresh loaf, slice very thick pieces of bread and cover them with butter. We were then allowed to add sugar on top of the butter. Hot buttered bread covered with sugar is the best treat for a small boy - much better than anything the bakery can make today.

As a small boy of 5 or 6 I idealized Grandpa Frazee and believed every word he said. One day he told me about what it was like growing up on the farm with no one to play with. When he wanted to play baseball he had to be the whole team and very fast. He told me that he could pitch the softball, run up to home plate, grab the bat and hit the ball into the field. He then ran out into the field to catch the ball and was able to throw himself out at first base. Grandpa was without question the first superman.

My dad, Russell smoked cigars; the real "expensive ones - Dutch Masters". My mother's father, Grandpa Knudson, and her brother, Howard, also smoked cigars. When Mom's family drove out to Bird Island for a visit Dad would give me a dollar and tell me to go to the store and get four cigars - 25 cents each (no sales taxes back then). I would bring them home and the three men would light up. It was not long before the living room was filled with the blue smoke of cigars. To this day, whenever I smell a cigar I smell joy and remember those visits by Grandma and Grandpa and Howard Knudson in Bird Island.

Grandma and Grandpa Knudson had a cabin on Big Lake, west of Minneapolis. It was a rustic place with no running water, just a cold water pump in the kitchen, which means there was no toilet, just an outhouse in the back. There was a large eating area with a long table, a small bedroom for Grandma and Grandpa, and a large screened in porch with lots of couches which served as beds for everyone else. Because the porch only had screens every night they had to be covered with plywood in the event of rain.

    We had two, maybe three, favorite past times: playing croquet, fishing, swimming, and the plague.

  • Playing Croquet: It isn't a strenuous sport but took a great deal of skill hitting the round colored ball around a backyard which was mostly like playing in a sand trap. Everyone played, Grandma, Grandpa, Howard, Mom, Dad, Terry, Bobby, Jimmy, Shannon and Tommy. Young and old were able to play together at the same game. When we couldn't go swimming we headed to the back yard to play croquet.
  • Fishing: Grandpa had a small wooden flat bottom fishing boat with long oars. He owned a 2 horsepower motor but hardly ever used it. Big Lake, unlike its name, is quite small. We could row the boat anywhere. Fishing for sunfish with drop lines, or perhaps a long bamboo pool was really the thing. With a drop line you could feel the fish nibbling on your worm. Bluegill sunfish were pretty and plentiful. When I went fishing with Grandpa and it started to rain we had nothing remotely resembling a rain jacket or rain suit. You just sat and got wet. I remember Grandpa always reassuring me that it would stop raining when you could see a patch of blue sky the size of a pair of Dutchman's pants - these were the large balloon pants that everyone recognized in those days. So it couldn't be a small patch of blue sky, it had to be big enough to make a pair of Dutchmen's pants. To this day, in 2010, when I am out riding on my motorcycle that is still my yardstick of telling if the rain will stop. Right next to the outhouse Grandpa had built a screened in fish cleaning station. As we cleaned the fish a billion flies would swarm around the fish scales. of course we all knew the flies just came over from the outhouse next door. Between the fish cleaning house and the outhouse this area didn't always smell the best. Maybe I shouldn't say any more. .
  • Swimming: The third favorate activity at Big Lake was swimming. Our parents had a rule, "You can't go swimming until one hour after you eat otherwise you will get the stomach cramps and drown." It seemed reasonable at the time and he faithfully abided by the rule. Now I wonder if the reason for the admonition was that it gave the adults some time to clear the table and do the dishes before they had to escort us to the beach and serve lifeguard duty. I remember we would go down to the lake and wait for that long hour to pass - challenging the rule little by little as we would first wade into the water ankle deep to see if anything happened. The next thing you know we were knee deep and then up to our stomachs. No one ever got the cramps or died.
  • The Itch: What we did get, though, was "the itch". No one knew what it was but during certain times of the year going swimming in Big Lake would cause the swimmer to break out into the worst case of "the itch". It was like mosquito bites without the mosquitos. The only cure was to put that gosh awful pink calamine lotion over the whole body and stay out of the water. For a bunch of kids just waiting the whole summer to go to Grandma's cabin this was a sentence worse than death. Many years later it was discovered that "the itch" was caused by some small parasite in the water which burrowed under the skin to lay their eggs.

J.D. was someone different to everyone. Raised by Oliver and Elizabeth Frazee of Olivia, MN, he was more of a son than grandchild. J.D. worked side by side with Donald Frazee on his farm and was like a son to Donald and Wilma Frazee. To my father, Russell Frazee, he was more like a brother. To me, he was an uncle. I remember when Grandma Frazee died and the funeral director was telling people how to line up he said the children should follow behind the hearse and then the grandchildren. J.D. said to me, "I don't know where I am suppose to line up." At the time it was clear to me that J.D. lined up with the children, Russell, Donald, George, Hazel, and Vivian. I guess it pointed out his confusion of a family identity. I know one thing, if I could be anyone in the family I would want to be J.D. because he was liked by everyone.

When I was in the 4th Armored Division stationed in Germany J.D. Latham told me that he had also served in Germany during WWII. He told me about having been in the signal corps and at one time his post was a castle outside Bamberg, Germany. Castles were great for the signal corp because they were well protected and usually high on a mountain which meant the radio signals could be sent a long way. I do recall him mentioning that he was present when Dachau, the Jewish concentration camp near Munich, German, was liberated - or shortly thereafter. J.D. also told me that not having a real first name caused all sorts or problems with the army. It couldn't stand to have someone with only initials for a first name. Accordingly his army records all list him as Jay Dee Frazee. The army hadn't changed much from the time of his discharge until my enlistment in 1966.

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Knudson in Minneapolis was always a big event. Since they only had one bedroom the grandchildren would sleep on the floor of the living room. Grandpa had a large mantel clock which bonged on the hour and went "tick tock" all night long. I remember waking up at night and listening to the "tick tock" and the warmth and security I felt at Grandpa's house. To this day the sound of a clock ticking brings back all sorts of memories of Grandma and Grandpa Knudson.

Remember polio? When I was in grade school Bird Island didn't have any curbs and gutters or storm sewers. Instead there was a ditch on each side of the gravel streets to carry away the rain water. Some ditches were deeper than others and when it rained hard the ditches at the bottom of the hills would fill with water and we could go swimming - or at least splish splash in the water. We would put on our swimming suits and go out and play in the rain. But every summer the time came when polio would show up. No one knew what caused it or how to prevent it but it seemed like everyone knew someone who had contracted the disease or, even worse, was in an "iron lung." When polio season showed up he were no longer allowed to swim in the ditches during the rain storms.

I remember one time J.D. Latham telling the story about growing up in the small home in Olivia with Grandpa and Grandma Frazee. His bedroom was upstairs. As a teenager he would sneak out at night by crawling out his window. Coming home created a different sort of problem because there was no way to get back in through that same window. Often the only open window was in the bedroom where Grandma and Grandpa's were sound asleep. He remembered how careful he was when he crawled back into the bedroom. He didn't know how he managed to do it so many times without getting caught.

After I was discharged from the army and moved back to Minneapolis I bought a Goldwing motorcycle. I loved riding to the Black Hills every year to go to the Harley rally in Sturges. I always drove out Hwy 212, the Yellowstone Highway as it was known, through Bird Island and Olivia. Donald, Wilma, George and Bertie Mae made it a habit of going to the restaurant/gas station on the west end of town for breakfast. They would sit and watch the motorcycles heading west and I would stop and have breakfast with them. They loved to show off my bike to their friends in the restaurant.

Marlin Boozier, Vivian Frazee's husband, worked at the Pillsbury Flour mill in Minneapolis. I don't know exactly what he did but it had something to do with the development of the flour for baking purposes. I remember that when he used to come to Bird Island or Olivia for a visit he would bring a sack full of the best hard rolls you can imagine. The sack was the size of 100 pound flour sack. The hard crusted rolls spread with butter and strawberry jam were almost as good, but not quite, as the home made bread made by Grandma Frazee.

Contributions by Jim Frazee

Things I remember growing up.

Things I remember about Donald and Wilma. I remember how as a child we liked to go out to the farm and climb up into the hay barn and make forts out of the bales of hay and have wars. We also had a rope that we would tie to the rafters and swing from one side to the other. I also remember building the tree house out in the grove that was nothing more some boards nailed between two branches. But as a child it was a castle. And then there were the winter days when we would walk down to the ditch, put on our ice skates and skate up and down the creek, going as far as the Schimelpfenigs. I remember the large weeping willow in the front yard where you could hide in the branches, and the lilac bushes that smelled so good in the spring. I remember talking to Wilma once and she told me that for the first 6 months after she and Donald were married they lived in a tent until the house was ready.

I remember grandma and grandpa Frazee and the little house that they lived in and raised 6 kids, on 20 acres of land. Grandpa also farmed his entire life with 2 mules that he kept in the barn across the road from the house. That farm is now covered with homes. As mentioned earlier I remember the wood stove that Grandma cooked on. Most of all I remember the white gravy that she made and we would have it over bread. I have tried to reproduce this white gravy many times and have never been able to come close to the taste she was able to get. I never remember grandpa wearing anything but bib overalls and of course grandma always wore a dress, never slacks.

I remember the Knudson’s in Minneapolis. How the 7 of us would crawl into the car and drive there for Thanksgiving and agree on Christmas day. How we all sat around in the "front room" while Grandpa, Howard and Dad smoked their Dutch Master Cigars. Then in the evening would all move to the back porch where there was a swing that we would retreat to after dinner. I also remember that the Knudson had the same dining room set that mom and dad had. I remember that when Grandma moved to South Minneapolis after grandpa's death that she would go to bed about 5:00 and get up very early. There wasn't much for her to do to keep her occupied. I remember going to her house at Halloween one time and she already had the dining table set for Thanksgiving with pickles already on the table.

Then there was Big Lake. How we enjoyed going out there. Every time we went were given a quarter to go down to the "little store" and buy something. How we looked forward to that. I also remember that the refrigerator at the lake was really an "ice box". An ice truck would deliver a block of ice or we would drive to Monticello to pick it up. That would be used to keep everything cold and we had to keep emptying the water from a pan underneath. And the small kitchen that was just big enough for one person. And we all slept on old metal beds on the porch. And there was no bathroom but we had a "two holer" out back. And don't forget the fishing house right next to it where you would go to scale all the fish after you caught them and have them for dinner. I went back to Big Lake in 2009 and the cabin is still there. No one lives there, but it still stands as I remember it.

Contributions by Shannon Welch nee Frazee

Things I remember growing up.

Grandma and Grandpa Knudson living at 2402 12th Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN, on the second floor above a MOM and POP store. Uncle Howard (Knudson- Mom's brother) drove for American Fruit and Produce. I remember the only time I got banana's was when he would drop them off at Grandma Knudson's apartment when he knew we would be there. Mom would tell us, "Banana's were too expensive in Bird Island for a family of seven." Bob remembers that his route sometimes took him to western Minnesota which included Granite Falls which means he had to drive through Bird Island. From time to time he would stop and drop off some fresh fruit. Bob remembers him dropping off watermelon - his favorate.

The second floor apartment in Minneapolis where Mom grew up had only one bedroom for four people. Howard slept on the back, an unheated, porch, and Mom's bedroom was a walk-in closet.

I have a picture of Grandpa Knudson on his retirement day from Honeywell. He got a portable radio and has such a large smile on his face. He intended to retire at 65 but his foreman told him not to voluntarily retire but wait for Honeywell to fire him because it had a mandatory retirement age of 65. This way he could draw unemployment for several months in addition to his retirement pension. I don't know for sure what he did at Honeywell but it had to do with building thermostats.

Grandma Knudson was employed as a cook in an elementary school not to far from where they lived.

Grandma & Grandpa Knudson had a cabin on Big Lake. In the kitchen they didn't have a refrigerator, they had an "ice box". This means they had an old fashion wooden box that held a block of ice on the top and the cold from the melting ice cooled the food in the box below. You couldn't get ice in Big Lake, the town was too small so we had to drive to Monticello to get ice every two or three days.

We always went to Grandma Knudson's for Thanksgiving. Grandma cooked on a wood burning stove but she owned an electric broiler which was used only to cook the Thanksgiving turkey - which she bought fresh, no frozen foods in those days. They always bought special ice cream from Bridgeman's for dessert which was kept frozen on the back porch in a box filled with dry ice. I remember the treat of going downtown Minneapolis on Thanksgiving Day to look in Dayton's store windows decorated for Christmas.

Whenever Mom and Dad went to Minneapolis he would always pick up Chow Mien from the Nankin and drive it back to Bird Island - a two hour plus drive - for us to enjoy. It was such a treat and they never let us down. No one got sick from food poisoning.

Playing at Donald and Wilma Frazee's farm in the grove and ice skating on the drainage ditch north of the farm that went for miles. For warmth on cold days we would build a fire from the fallen tree branches that grew along the ditch bank.

Taking a bath at Donald and Wilma's house with no bath tub. They had no running water and only cold water was obtained from a hand pump over the kitchen sink. A big metal tub was placed in the middle of the kitchen floor and the water heated by Wilma on the stove. Donald got to get in first and the rest of us used the same water until the last of us was clean. We survived.

J.D. Latham lived in North Dakota and whenever he would come to Oliva he would "smuggle" in colored oleo margarine since it was illegal to sell it in Minnesota. At that time the dairy industry was successfully fighting the sale of "imitation butter" in Minnesota. Eventually we could buy white oleo in a plastic bag which contained a small color button which could be squeezed to color the oleo yellow.

I remember the weekend in November, 1963, that Mom, Dad, Donald and Wilma drove to North Dakota to visit J.D. and Marge - leaving Tom and me home alone for the first time. It was over Thanksgiving weekend - the weekend President Kennedy was shot. We thought there would be war. Dad called and said they started home immediately but couldn't get far as there were no gas stations open. They had to stop at each town where they needed gas and find the owner to let them fill up the tank. It was a long two days for Tom and me.

George and Bertie Mae Frazee had three, that I know of, black little Mexican Chihuahua dogs all named Bubbles. George Frazee was not part of our early lives because he was hospitalized for many years in the sanitarium in Granite Falls with TB. It was diagnosed shortly after his marriage to Bertie Mae. She worked in Olivia and every Friday after work she would drive to Granite Falls to visit George over the weekend. She couldn't afford a hotel room so she slept in the car. It was sad when he took his own life due to depression.

I remember cutting weeds in Grandpa Frazee's farm in Olivia with a scythe, hoeing sugar beets for a dollar a row, and de-tasselling corn for the seed company. We were a strong bunch.

Contributions by Betty Magnuson nee Frazee

Things I remember growing up:

One of my fondest memories is of all the Christmas Eves at Russell and Jeanette homes with the Frazee and Hyndman families. We would all gather, eat, open presents, and what a wonderful time we had. Russell had an 8 mm movie camera and he filmed a lot of those holidays and family events. Bob has placed the movies on DVD's so they could be shared with everyone in the family.

Grandpa Frazee in his chair watching TV and teaching his parakeet to talk while Grandma Frazee was in the kitchen baking bread. I, too, remember eating homemade bread with butter and sugar. This was a favorite of J.D.'s.

J.D. lived with us when he was older and I was very young but I loved him dearly as my big brother. His nickname for me was "Half Pint" and I have a picture of a little me sitting on his shoulders in front of our farm house. My mother told me that she was with Gladys when J.D. was born.

I remember the many trips we made to visit Uncle George at the sanitarium at Granite Falls. I was not able to see him so had to wait in the car or outside on the grassy area. George was a barber in Olivia after he was cured of TB and before he got the job as bookkeeper. He gave Michael his first haircut and poor Uncle George felt so bad because Michael cried.

Bertie Mae and Mother were best friends and it was so nice for both of them the years after my dad and George passed away. They met once a week at Dairy Queen in Olivia for lunch.

Toby played the saxophone in a well known band in the Twin Cities. I invited his band to play at my college sorority spring dance and I was so proud to say he was my uncle. He loved his music and so enjoyed playing. I remember staying with my folks at Hazel and Toby's when they lived on Stevens Ave and enjoying dinner many times at their Clinton Ave house.

I remember having some fun times with Marlin and Vivian. One adventure we enjoyed together was a train trip to Los Angeles to watch the Minnesota Gophers play in the Rose Bowl in 1960.

Family dinners always included potatoes and gravy but not for J.D. who would only eat gravy on bread. I smile as I write this with a lump in my throat as I remember how he used to tell us we were all wrong to put gravy on our potatoes!!

Contributions by Linda Hanely nee Latham

Things I remember growing up.

I remember both of your parents [Russell & Jeanette Frazee]. I was terrified of your father and remember him sitting in his chair smoking (a pipe? a cigar?) I just remember it was stinky. I adored your mother and remember her as having a big chest (not sure if this was true). I also swear that one summer Jim had bugs in the fridge as part of his college work and I was so impressed that Jeanette let him keep them in her fridge.

If you want to contribute any family stories or significant medical histories let me know. I want this information to be accurate. If you have any additions or corrections please bring them to my attention.

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