Maps of Egypt and Our Itinerary


These maps of Egypt and the Nile may be helpful to you.
Here is a complete map of Egypt with our itenerary.

Egypt Oct 12th - Arrived in Cairo from Israel

Oct 13 - Egyptian Museum

Oct 14 - Sakkara step pyramid and pyramids of Giza

Oct 15 - Free day in Cairo

Oct 16 - Fly to Aswan and take felucca ride on Nile Oct 17 - Spend the day in Abu Simbel

Oct 18 - Temple of Isis at Philae; sail down the Nile to Kom Ombo

Oct 19 - Edfu, visit the Temple of Horus; sail down Nile

Oct 20 - Luxor, visit the Temple of Karnac; sail down Nile

Oct 21 - Visit Temple of Hathor at Dendara; sail up river to Luxor

Oct 22 - Visit West Thebes to see the Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Kings, and return to Luxor to see Temple of Luxor

Oct 23 - Leave Luxor and fly to Cairo; attend Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramids at night

Oct 24 - Tour Cairo to see Citadel, Mosque of Ali Mohammed, shopping in theh bazaar, tour oldest Coptic Church.

Oct 25 - Free day Cairo; fly to Amman, Jordan

Here is another map showing that portion of the Nile which we traveled.

With these two maps you should be able follow our tour through Egypt.

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