Sturgis - A Real Motorcycle Rally - 1997

S'bel and I had just returned from a two week ride through the west to
the GWRRA Wing Ding and in August we decided to attend a rally
"of a different sort" in Sturgis, SD. I don't think S'bel knew what she was getting into. But she
is a good sport. The Colors were shown everywhere; here is The Patriot.

We were joined by our son
who practices law in Denver
There were bikes everywhere.
I figured there must be close to the beach.

We naturally visited Mount Rushmore
for a family photo.

Every sort of make and model and color of bike could be seen lining the
main street in Sturgis. Everyone is proud of the way in which they decorated their bike to their individual taste. There was a girl on a green bike.

The fashion rage was Web Suits.


As you can imagine, an event of this size, with so many people
around, there were lots of food venders.

Some of the days got really hot and everyone tried to cool down.
I never found it, but there must have been a beach somewhere
with so many women wearing thongs.

Just a lot of wonderful people having a good time.
Join them next year the first full week in August and see for yourself.

If you wanted to see people really having a good time you needed to go to Hulett, MT
where they advertised "Sturgis as it used to be."

This page was created by Bob "Belli" Frazee

Bob at Grand Tetons, 2015
Belli at the Grand Titons, June 2015

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